Updated 11:08 AM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Samsung Gear VR Now Available: Gets Positive Reviews From Users, Learn Why Here!

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After the recent release of the Samsung Gear VR in the United States, users and fans of the game have been giving praises for the device which was sold at $99.

Pocket Gamer said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was one of the first people who announced the launch of the device. Samsung reportedly developed the Gear VR with the "virtual-reality startup" Oculus which is now part of Facebook.

"Today is a historic day for virtual reality. After years of development, we're shipping the first consumer virtual reality product -- Samsung Gear VR, a mobile VR headset powered by Oculus," Zuckerberg was quoted by Pocket Gamer as saying.

He added that the mission of Oculus is to empower mobile users "to experience anything, anywhere with anyone."

The Facebook CEO said that individuals can now watch thousands of movies and play games with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 phones.

"I believe VR is the next big computing platform -- and a lot of people will experience it for the first time on mobile. It's hard to explain how fun and immersive the experience feels of instantly being in another place -- in space, under water, on a mountain, anywhere. I look forward to many more people having this experience in the years to come," Zuckerberg added.

In a review of the device published by Indian Express, the Associated Press said that the long wait for this instalment was worth it because of the quality and also the free videos that come with the package.

However, associated Press writer Anick Jedanun said that the Gear VR was not easy to set up since the Velcro straps were confusing to figure out.

"I couldn't get the phone to snap into place. I needed the manual to find a lever I had to switch because I had a larger phone, the Note 5. Many consumers might need help from a tech-savvy friend or kid," he added.

But Oculus said that they are still trying to improve what they can offer with to the gamers, as per TechTimes.

"Some games and apps are already available for the Gear VR via the Oculus Store and the new Oculus Concepts section will allow developers to post early versions of their games and apps," Oculus was quoted by TechTimes in a statement.

This early version of the game will reportedly allow users to test the content before completion.

TechCrunch, on the other hand, said that the company is living up to its tagline which is "Virtual reality just got real."

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