Updated 05:17 PM EST, Sun, Jan 16, 2022

Apple Store Shocked by Man Waving Samurai Sword! [Watch]

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Many shoppers and Apple employees were shocked when an emotionally disturbed 30-year old man wielded a samurai sword in Apple's flagship store New York City location on Fifth Avenue Friday afternoon. The man has since then been taken into police custody.

According to NBC News, video footage captured from inside the Apple Store showed the 30-year old Hsu Chien sitting on the stairs while waving the samurai sword around his head and dropping it onto the platform. The footage shows Chien walking down the stairs, while holding the sword in both hands over his right shoulder. The clip has since then gone viral on social media.

According to Fox News, some off-duty officers promptly tackled Chien and subdued him. Chien had initially tried to tell the two officers off, but to no avail. The suspect has since then been taken to Bellevue Hospital for further investigation. No injuries have been reported during the incident.

Initial reports revealed that Chien's name was not immediately revealed. Chien was taken to Bellevue Hospital after the incident. Many of those who had witnessed the scene thought that they were under attack by another member of the terrorist group, ISIS.

Nancy Birnbaum, one of those who witnessed the scene is a lawyer who lives nearby. Birnbaum said that she was browsing at the Genius bar, she saw Chien on the staircase and wielded his sword. When she saw that Chien was wielding a sword, she expected the worst to happen. She added that she initially thought that this was another terrorist attack in the making. Birnbaum added that she was thankful that it wasn't.

She added that she was shocked at the turn of events and that she had never thought she would experience something like this, reported The New York Post.

Similar accounts from various witnesses revealed that they were shocked and even traumatized by the event. One of the witnesses even said that he tried to calm Chien down. Eyewitnesses said that Chien seemed angry with the Apple employees, who tried to reason out with him.

Chien had already sounded angry before he started swinging the sword, causing those who were involved to be in a state of shock. Witnesses said that Chien tried to "puncture" himself and many believed that he was concealing a bomb. After Chien went upstairs, the police proceeded to tackle him.

The 30-year old Chien now faces criminal charges for possession of a weapon, police say.

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