Updated 04:39 PM EST, Sun, Jan 16, 2022

Cuba-US News: More Cubans Scramble to Learn English

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As more Cubans try to make their way to the U.S., many migrants struggle to learn the language of their longtime enemy. For decades, Cubans have prioritized Russian as their second language.

While many Cubans have regarded America as their sworn enemy in the past, many Cubans are now making their way towards the U.S. on what is to be a dangerous journey. In an ironic twist, many Cubans are now scrambling to learn English when they were in the past made to prioritize Russian, a report with The Wall Street Journal says.

According to the report, the Cuban Communist Party announced that Cuban college students were required to be proficient in the English language. This new implementation, they said, will take into effect over the next two years. Students who are not proficient in English will not be allowed to graduate.

This implementation only came about when Havana and The U.S. had reestablished diplomatic ties earlier in the year after what was to be a rather tumultuous relationship.

Top Communist Party official José Ramón Machado also told Cuban college students that English will be an indispensable tool for future generations to come. He emphasized its importance on education the country's economy. 

Cuba had a turbulent history regarding America following Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution. Russian had found favour in Cuba as both countries had forged their diplomatic relationship. Cuba sought to forge a cultural bond with Russia by airing Russian-language programs. Even American pop culture and classics such as Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse were replaced by Soviet cartoon characters.

Many Cubans see adapting the English language as an advantage in the economy. Should tourism in the country improve, this would mean more income for many Cubans who earn an average of $24 a day.

Educational analysts also add that adapting the English language would completely cause a shift in the education system. The number of graduates was down 30% since 2008 because many Cubans would rather take service related jobs such as being a taxi driver than become an engineer or a doctor. According to data gathered, these jobs are said to be more lucrative in earning income with tourists. 

Mehr News reported that the longstanding allies, Cuba and Russia will take the necessary steps in making sure of the removal of the economic, commercial and financial block imposed by the U.S. in the Communist country.

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