Updated 03:34 PM EST, Tue, Dec 01, 2020

Galaxy S7 Release Date, Specs & News: Flagship To Feature BRITECELL Camera, Leaves iPhone Camera in the Dust?

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Social Media is one of the most common uses of cellphones nowadays and with sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter calling for a lot of photos, it's not unusual for companies to put as much punch in their cameras as possible.

The iPhone always had good snappers, but it seems that Samsung is ready to let the Cupertino-based company bite the dust with its new camera technology. At least, that 's what rumors say.

Phandroid reported that Samsung is pulling all the stops for the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a new technology called "BRITECELL", which the company announced during their annual Investors Forum. According to the outlet, Samsung's BRITECELL technology looks to improve the ISOCELL camera in different ways. The BRITECELL is said to come in a smaller, physical size, but is noted to be better in performance. Of course, it will not eliminate the camera hump on the phone, as can be found on most devices, but it is a bit less clumpy on the back of your phone.

So what else can you expect from this technology?

The camera, despite being smaller and thinner, will be more sensitive to low light, which means better quality stills. It also reduces the height of the camera, but will still give a stellar photo quality already found in the brands previous flagship models. Among the company's promises include improved low light auto focusing quality, which they will achieve by fine-tuning some of the software.

According to GSM Arena, this means that Samsung is dropping the traditional Bayer filter layout by replacing green pixels with white ones so that no light will be blocked out when taking pictures. Without the green pixel's filters, more light will reach the camera sensor, which makes for a clearer photo.

The BRITECELL camera will come with 20MP resolution with 1 µm pixels. The range will also be improved with the help of the Smart:WDR which uses multiple exposures to get the kind of photo quality you want. Finally, the sensor will also come with detection autofocus for faster and more accurate images.

Of course, until these updates are confirmed by Samsung, they should be treated as rumors regarding the upcoming Galaxy S7 phones. But with seemingly high-tech features for their next camera, it looks like Samsung is ready to go after Apple for the best phone for social media enthusiasts. Don't get your panties in a bunch, though, we have to see it to believe it.

Are you ready for the new BRITECELL technology coming your way?

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