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Adele's '25' Album Leaked Days Before Release: 5 Interesting Facts About the Album

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Everyone has been dying to get their hands on Adele's new album since she released her latest single, "Hello", because if it is the foothold of what's to come, it seems that Adele is delivering good music, like she has for her entire career.

So of course it comes as to no surprise that "25" leaked online --- and for real this time, as confirmed by Mashable.

Fans have already had their say about the leak. Some have already listened to the album and are enjoying it. While some are holding on to their loyalty and patiently waiting for its official release date, which is November 20.

There have been many rumors regarding the leak. On Tuesday, it was said to have leaked online when a UK record store uploaded the first two minutes of each song, while there are others who said that the album was available on Target early due to a shelving mistake. However, a representative from Target denied doing so, while Adele's own reps are staying mum and not available for comments.

With only a day or so left before the official release of "25", however, here are some things that you should know about the singer's latest project, as noted by MTV:

1) Unlike her previous album, "21," where her songs are all about her ex-boyfriend, "25" is about herself --- a "make-up record" for herself and for lost time. Because we all owe ourselves that, and she owed it to herself to put it in songs.

2) Adele dedicated "25" to one person, and one person only: her 3-year-old son, Angelo. She decided to go back to music so that he will see her "running a proper business. Being a boss again. Hopefully."

3) She collaborated with "the best" in the business, including Ryan Tedder ("Rumour Has It"), Greg Kurstin ("Hello"), Max Martin, Bruno Mars, and Danger Mouse.

4) One song will be like a throwback from "19". In a song about missing her mother and her friends, Adele mentioned that "Million Years Ago" made it in the album "at the last minute", adding that it's "very stripped back" as it's just her and her guitar, with the 19-esque vibe.

5) Despite being a "make-up record", Adele can't help but throw in a final "f-ck you" song to the guy that inspired "21", and she's not even subtle about it: the song is called "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)". She spoke with The Guardian about the particular track, saying, "My love is deep and true with my man, and that puts me in a position where I can finally reach out a hand to the ex. Let him know I'm over it."

Making a record is a sure-fire way of doing it.

Are you already listening to the leaked music, or are you waiting for November 20 to come?

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