Updated 10:35 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2021

NFL News: Houston Texans Claim Brandon Weeden Off the Waivers

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Quarterback Brandon Weeden is now back at the NFL after he was claimed by the Houston Texans on Wednesday following his release from the Dallas Cowboys.

USA Today said a source confirmed the move happened a day after Weeden's release. Although the source also noted that this has not yet been announced by the team. 

According to CBS Sports, the quarterback may be the backup player for his position on Sunday. It noted that starter Brian Hoyer, who sustained a concussion during the game with the Bengals last Monday, was not able to practice on Wednesday. It is expected that T.J. Yates will start the game and Weeden will be his backup.

His move to Houston, as per CBS Sports, will be "a good one" for Weeden since he "gets to go from a last-place team in Dallas to a team that's tied for first place in Houston."

This will also make him forget his release from the Cowboys after Tony Romo's return. During his stay with his previous tram, he averaged 246.3 yards per game and had two touchdown passes. "The No. 22 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft has lost his last 11 starts dating back to the end of the 2012 season," added CBS Sports.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, in explaining Weeden's release, told Dallas News that the move was done since Romo was anticipated to return to the game.

"Brandon did a good job for us over the last year and a half when he had opportunities. I thought he competed well. I thought he led well. Unfortunately, we didn't have success in the games that he started. We have Matt Cassel ahead of him, so in finding that roster spot, we thought that was the right move for our team," Garret explained.

He noted that the team has been making decisions which are deemed best for the Cowboys. "We'll create competitive situations for guys and the guy who competes the best is going to be the guy who gets a chance to play and the guys who get a chance to stay," Weeden added.

In addition, ESPN noted that Weeden went 0-3 in his games though it said that he played those games in the absence of wide receiver Dez Bryant. After his release from the Cowboys, Casel replaced him as the starting player during Week 6 but Bleacher Report said he "proceeded to lose four straight games himself."

The same report mentioned that at 32 years old, Weeden may just be as good as a backup player or injury replacement. "It is unrealistic to expect an immediate turnaround for the former Oklahoma State Cowboy under center, even with a new team," said Bleacher Report.

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