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Rio De Janeiro LGBT Pride Parade 20th Anniversary: Facts & Photos of the Event

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The Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro became an image of genuine happiness as the city hosts a party to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the LGBT Pride parade.

Rainbow flags flocked the festive city's Copacabana on Sunday as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual community celebrates society's acknowledgement of their rights that are equal to the heterosexuals.

Pictures of the LGBT members in bold and colorful outfits make rounds over the Internet as the group continues to call for freedom to express themselves without getting discriminated.

According to The Huffington Post, participants in the annual event also called for "expanded rights and protection from violence" as the world gradually accepts them as equal members of the society.

But despite having a long-running quest for justice of their own, they remained part of the community by remembering others who suffered injustice as they decided to make the event about those victimized in the terror attacks in Paris, France.

They also decided to pay tribute to the casualties of the mudslide earlier in November after two dams were destroyed in southeastern Brazil which was reported in ABC News.

According to Reuters, the marchers paid tribute to the downed during the opening of the Parade.

"Despite the great joy we feel to be alive, we cannot forget the tragedy for those families who have lost their loved ones, just as so many of us have lost loved one too," an unnamed drag queen told the outlet.

The LGBT community also decided that it is high time for their members to learn about another threat that poses harm to them: HIV.

In line with this, organizers distributed thousands of condoms to the marchers and even invited experts to conduct HIV testing to those who wish to voluntarily undergo the examination.

Overall, the 20th anniversary of the LGBT Pride Parade remained festive as The Huffington Post described it to have "plenty of sparkle amidst the anguish."

According to GayLife, The annual event was first celebrated on June 28, 1970 after the Stonewall Riots in the late 1960s where the LGBT community joined in the rebellion, making June the Gay Pride Month in many cities and nations all over the world.

It was initiated by Craig Rodwell who initially joined the Mattachine Society and Frank Kameny in what was described as a calm protest.

After realizing that that kind of act was not enough, Rodwell decided to organize the Christopher Street Liberation Day which was considered the first gay pride march in the U.S.

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