Updated 10:40 PM EDT, Thu, Apr 19, 2018

'Human Ken Doll' Justin Jedlica Calls Plastic Surgery Art

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The argument about what qualifies as art has gone on for centuries without ever yielding an answer. But there is one thing that has rarely, if ever, been considered art: plastic surgery. 

But that is what Justin Jedlica, a.k.a the "Human Ken Doll," believes. Jedlica, 32, has had a total of 125 cosmetic surgical procedures to achieve the unreal look of a Ken doll.

He was recently profiled on TLC's "My Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll." On the show, he said that his ongoing surgeries are his "creative outlet." In a clip from the show that was released on Gawker, he attempts to creative direct for his ab implant surgery. He also called his bizarre addiction "an art form."

Jedlica is developing his own line of muscle implants for people who share his belief that dolls are the "ideal of what a man (or woman) should be [and] look like." 

The doll-like New Yorker also recently criticized his female counterpart Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukrainian woman known as the human barbie doll. 

He blasted the "real life" Barbie for being "a total fake," saying she is not like a real-life doll because she only had breast implants and nothing else. He maligned her for using make-up to create her doll-like appearance instead of plastic surgery, and said her look was akin to a drag queen.

"Valeria presents herself as a real-life Barbie doll, but she is nothing more than an illusion who dresses like a drag queen," he said. "Unlike me, who has spent nearly $150,000 permanently transforming myself into a human Ken doll, Valeria just plays dress up. But as soon as you wipe away all that makeup she's just a plain Jane and there's absolutely nothing special about her."

To prove his point, he dressed up as a drag version of Valeria. 

"Valeria has been my arch nemesis ever since we met each other earlier this year, and by dressing up like her twin I wanted to prove that anyone can look like Barbie, even Ken!" he said. 

Watch the clip from the TLC special here

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