Updated 02:33 PM EDT, Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Jessica Jones’ Netflix, Trailer & Review: Second Full Teaser Released, What It Reveals About the Show [Watch]

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We've all seen Krysten Ritter do the funny and quirky, but in her role as a superhero-turned-private-investigator in "Marvel's Jessica Jones", she's all bad-ass.

"Jessica Jones" is Netflix's second original show after the massive success of "Daredevil" and the latest teaser trailer is everything you hoped it would be: the traumatized former superhero becomes somewhat of an alcoholic as she punches bad guys in search for her nemesis.

As The Hollywood Reporter noted, Jessica Jones is more of a brooding hero than femme fatale, and she is coming to terms, coping with her haunted past and a world-weary view. However, the former superhero has not lost her powers, which means that she's still incredibly strong which gives her abilities like jumping off fire escapes from tall buildings, or being able to evade an incoming train. Plus, she has regenerative powers that can help her heal very fast.

"Doctor Who" actor David Tennant also stars as Jessica's nemesis, Zebediah Kilgrave, AKA Purple Man, Mike Colter as Luke Cage AKA Power Man, and Rosario Dawson will also be making an appearance as her "Daredevil" character, Claire Temple. That being said, the strong cast should be enough to reel the audience in the show, as it did in "Daredevil".

The Hollywood Reporter added that if there is one obvious flaw about the trailer, it's that as intriguing as Tennant's character is, Jessica's fixation made it seem like a "narrative claustrophobia" and everyone she learns who has a sort of relation to Kilgrave becomes part of her obsessive agenda. The outlet also pointed out that as far as female superheroes go, Jessica Jones is the darker, grittier version of CBS's "Supergirl", starring "Glee" actress Melissa Benoist.

The Final Trailer, as Netflix called it, is bound to make audience feel three things in the first minute alone, as noted by ComicBook.com: First, be deathly terrified of Kilgrave, who can do a lot of damaging mind control; fall in love with Luke and Jessica's relationship; and finally, make you feel excited for the show's release - which will be on November 20 for all 13 episodes.

"Jessica Jones" is the second superhero film of four that will lead up to "The Defenders later on, and will serve as appetizer to the next show on the list: the Luke Cage series that's arriving on Netflix next year. The rest of the trailer shows a lot of footage about the upcoming series, which just adds to the excitement of a female superhero-turned-private investigator show coming our way.

Check it out below.

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