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U.S.-Cuba Relations: Officials to Form Global Alliances Against Cybercrime, Trafficking & Terrorism

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Former enemies during the Cold War now band together in order to curb more rampant demons- trafficking and organized crime. Officials from Cuba and the United States met Monday to discuss cybercrime.

According to SC Magazine, the aforementioned meeting was held in Washington, DC on November 9. 2015. The Cuban delegation was led by Abel Gonzalez Santamaria, who is senior official at Cuba's National Defense and Security Commission.

Other officials in attendance include: U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Alex Lee, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz, Cuba's Deputy Advisor of the Commission on Defense and Ambassador Yuri Gala Lopez.

While Cuba is not exactly a hotbed for hackers, the Obama administration seeks to continue operations with its allies all around the world in order to prevent cybercrime. Both Cuba and the United States also discussed pressing matters on how to counter terrorism and the rampant drug cartel, as well as how to implement strategies for safe travel and trade.

In an official statement issued by the US State Department, Cuba and the U.S agreed to work together in order to "promote cyber-security and combat terrorism, drug trafficking, trafficking and trade in persons, money laundering, smuggling and other transnational crimes."

The White House has already forged agreements with Japan, South Korea and the Persian Gulf this year. The U.S hopes that these alliances should ease the transfer of information on cyber threats between all nations.

Many of these deals have been geographically strategic. Japan and South Korea, for instance are close neighbours of China and North Korea. Both nations have reportedly targeted the United States with cyberattacks on numerous occasions. Additionally, the Persian Gulf states are geographically close to Iran, which is already being tagged as an emerging digital power.

"Law enforcement is a key area in the bilateral relationship as the United States continues on the path toward normalized relations with Cuba," the United States Department said in an official statement.

According to The Daily Mail, The United States and Cuba renewed their diplomatic ties back in July of this year after a 54-year standoff. US and Cuban relations were severed in 1961 during the Cold War.

Both nations further discuss other pressing issues concerning several economic, political and legal fields in the future. 

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