Updated 10:48 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2021

NFL News: San Francisco 49ers Reggie Bush Suing St. Louis After Sustaining Injury Due to Slippery Concrete Sidelines

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Because the slippery concrete sidelines which caused him a season-ending injury, San Francisco 49ers running back Reggie Bush is said to be planning to sue St. Louis for their negligence on the incident.

Business Insider said the incident which happened during Week 8 on the Rams' home court led Bush to sustain an MCL tear which ended his participation for the season.

The same report said that the incident happened towards the end of a punt return versus the Rams when Bush slowed down as he neared a wall separating the field and the fans.

"But in the Edward Jones Dome, the turf ends not far outside the sidelines and instead gives way to slippery concrete. As Bush approached the wall, he slipped on the concrete and slid into the wall, tearing a ligament in his knee," explained Business Insider.

It added that this could not just have affected his season performance but his entire NFL career since he is already 30 years old.

According to CBS Sports, Bush has tapped the services of lawyer Shawn Holley and her KWIKA firm to handle the case and resolve the Edward Jones Dome problem.

It was also noted that the Rams and stadium operators have exerted effort to correct the problem on the stadium but Bush's camp said damage has already been done on the player.

"Bush's suit will likely seek gross negligence given the potential danger of having such a slippery surface abut the playing field," the CBS Sports source said.

In addition, Sporting News said that teams should make sure that stadiums should not have "booby-trapped areas" for the players' security.

"The NFL is violent and destructive by nature. Navigating that is an ongoing process -- and the process, difficult as it already is," added the same report.

It added that the Rams have promised to make modifications on the stadium to avoid untoward incidents.

Bush was not the only visiting player who fell victim to the stadium's slippery concrete as Business Insider said that Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown "hurt his shoulder when he couldn't slow himself down just one week later."

CBS Sports said Bush is positive that his legal action on the team and stadium operators will effect changes on the architecture of the arena.

Holley is said to be a very good lawyer since she has also handled clients including Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. Bush, who has a 1-year-deal with the 49ers, is an addition to her list of celebrity and known clients.

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