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Bloodborne’ DLC & Weapons: Latest Patch To Offer All Players New Features in the Original Game [Details]

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The new "Bloodborne" expansion, "The Old Hunters" will be unleashed on November 24 with a slew of new content and improvements, as long as you have the full game, of course. According to the Venture Capital Post, gamers are expected to see a nightmarish glimpse into the hunters' experiences while guarding Byrgenwerth as they will be taken into a sort of oblivion where they will be trapped for all eternity.

Then, gamers will see new weaponry and equipment to add to their existing arsenal, as well as new outfits for a more radical gameplay. There are also new beasts to slay and more rewards to obtain.

All these sound really great, as far as expansions go. The new expansion looks great for those with the full game, but there is no need for the other players to be sad considering that an upcoming patch will offer new features, including The League, Additional co-op NPC Hunters and more.

Here's a low-down of the new features, as noted by the official PlayStation Blog:

THE LEAGUE - a band of hunters with an oath bound by a single purpose. The League is led by a mysterious figure (donning a bucket for a helmet) but by aligning yourself with them, you can assist other players online and compete in The League's leaderboard of online rankings.

CO-OP NPC - Players can also use The League Cane (which Tech Times noted is something of a re-skin of the original game's Threaded Cane) and summon co-op NPCs within the game, which is advantageous when it comes to tackling challenging areas and even more challenging bosses.

NEW WEAPON - There is also a brand new weapon, called the Moonlight Sword. PlayStation did not divulge the extent of its powers but hinted that you have to be worthy to yield its powers.

For "Bloodborne" players who already earned their Platinum Trophy, PlayStation is sad to send out voucher codes for an exclusive PS5 theme soon and there is no way to obtain said vouchers other than that one should master the game. Sony did not say when the voucher codes will be rolled out, so it means that there's still time to get a Platinum Trophy for yourself.

"The Old Hunters" is set to launch on November 24 for $19.99 but until then, more info should be released via the official PlayStation Blog.

Are you excited to get your hands on "The Old Hunters", or is the patch enough to get you excited for more of "Bloodborne"?

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