Updated 07:37 AM EDT, Fri, Oct 23, 2020

Marijuana News: Mexico to Legalize Pot?

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Mexico might be legalizing marijuana soon. Mexican legislator, Fernando Belaunzarán has watched as millions of Americans across 24 states has approved the legality of marijuana.

In a report with Fox News Latino, marijuana is largely used for its medical as well as recreational advantages particularly in Alaska, Colorado and Washington. Belaunzarán added that Mexico has tried to follow suit, but the country has stubbornly stuck to laws to outlaw the drug. This, however might change in the future.

"We should have taken up [legalization] a while ago," he said in the interview. "Now we've done it poorly and late, while over [in the U.S.], there's already an industry, companies that even send marijuana to this country through our porous border."

The deputy in Congress also added that it was only fairly recently that the legalization of marijuana was being talked about in both courtrooms and in media.

 "In Mexico the politicians are cowards, and, even now, they accepted the debate only ... because they had no other choice with the legalizations in the United States," he added.

The country had previously criminalized the harvesting of marijuana back in the 40s, after much pressure from the United States. Since then, the Mexican black Market for the drug has grown to alarming heights. Many legislators, like Fernando Belaunzarán have found the stubbornness of their fellow federal deputies to be frustrating. 

Medical marijuana is currently being imported from California at $250 per dose.

Another legislator, Elsa Conde, has tried to legalize the production of hemp -- which is a fiber from marijuana plants that can be used to make items of clothing. Like Belauzarán, she finds the lack of cooperation among her peers to be disheartening. 

A report with Daily News said that the Mexican Supreme Court will decide on Wednesday on whether or not various sections of the federal health law that put a ban on the consumption and production of marijuana for personal use are unconstitutional.

However, the legalization of marijuana the war on drugs, but many activists believe that legalizing the drug would make life easier for Mexicans who opt to use the drug.

"We want to take the control of illegal drugs out of the hands of criminal gangs and put it in the hands of society," said Ricardo Sala, who is the executive director of the Collective for a Comprehensive Policy Toward Drugs

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