Updated 04:08 AM EDT, Wed, Sep 22, 2021

Ricky Martin Talks About Being a Judge for ‘La Banda:’ ‘I Didn’t Think It Was Going to Affect Me So Much’

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Ricky Martin serves as a judge of the singing competition series, "La Banda," alongside Alejandro Sanz and Laura Pusini. The reality show, which premiered in September, has been narrowing down contestants to 12 for a spot in a 5-member Latino band.

In an exclusive interview with Latina, Martin said that being a judge in a huge talent competition is no easy feat. According to the Latino superstar, the show's goal is to search for individuals with great singing and dancing talents, charisma, is expressive, and can provide good entertainment. These significant factors can be too much pressure for contestants.

"As a coach and teacher all I want is for them to be comfortable, but I will be very honest with them and let them know what needs to happen in order for them to stay in the band and definitely those things you can't do. It is difficult because you get emotionally attached because of the amount of time that we all spend together but at the end of the day they know that only five kids are going to be able to be a part of this group," the 43-year-old singer explained to Latina.

He added, "For us (judges) it's very important to make them understand that one 'no' could open the door to 10 'yeses' in their lives in general."

For Martin, the elimination process was easier at first because that task fell to the hands of the audience. But as the competition progresses, it's up to the judges to decide who will stay to compete further. When he eliminated a contestant for the first time, Martin "didn't think it was going to affect" him so much, the news outlet noted.

"You feel their energy, you're right there in front of them and you know that it's the end and in their lives they think that's the end of their dream. It's up to us to make them understand that there is a future and that it is really important for them to keep fighting for what they want to do, but it's never easy," the Puerto Rican recording artist told Latina.

Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Joel Pimentel, Zabdiel de Jesús, Jaime Cruz, Sebastián Rivera, Joshua Greaux, Kevin González, Yoandri Cabrera, Aaron Boden, Johann Vera, and Christopher Vélez are the 12 young men vying for a spot in the competition's elite prize, Latin Times listed.

Martin told the news outlet that people who have worked with popular music groups, such as One Direction and Fifth Harmony, are also involved with the competition.

"La Banda" airs 8PM/7C on Univision.

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