Updated 10:30 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 16, 2021

PlayStation 4 Games: The Top 5 Best Titles for This Generation

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Sony Playstation is hitting their stride in terms of their games, and even more seems to be on the way, as demonstrated at this year's E3. However, there are games that stay with players, and some of them are pretty obvious.

Here are some of the top 5 games of this generation, as noted by Tech Radar:

  1. Grand Theft Auto - heists and men and controversies follow the path of Grand Theft Auto games, but the fifth installment is among the best as far as Play Station games are concerned. As noted by the outlet, not only is it the best sandbox game to arrive on the platform, it is also pretty much a serviceable MMO with golf, tennis, and even virtual yoga to go with it. No matter how you play GTA V, it is always going to be the among the best games of this generation.
  2. The Last of Us Remastered - there are plenty of post-apocalyptic games around, but "The Last of Us" almost perfected its graphics, and none of the treasure-hunting escapades known from Uncharted. The studio's darker mood and setting has murky morals, but it will get you to care for the characters, which is saying something.
  3. Batman: Arkham Knight - fans of the comic books and movies would most likely want to play the games as well, and if you're going to be playing a Batman simulator, of course, you have to get to be Batman. Rocksteady has empowering gadgetry in its gaming universe, with a dark story consistent of the Dark Knight's background, and even a playable Bat Mobile. On top of all that is a great graphic design with cinematic set pieces. What more can you want in a game?
  4. NBA 2K15 - even those who claim to hate basketball will get to love this game. An advanced understanding of the game is not needed to play NBA 2K15, as one will appreciate its depth. However basketball fans will still get a lot more from it. While other sports attempt to create an illusion of a bigger universe, Visual Concept's version plays out with star-studded cast from "One Tree Hill" with baller tracking progress from rookie to All-star, to MVP with a ridiculous amount of celebrity cameos.
  5. Shovel Knight - It looks retro, and it has similarities with Towerfall Ascension, however, Shovel Knight has beautifl arrangements that will make you feel nostalgic for previous games, and with a challenging RPG with picturesque (pixelated) villages and impossible boss fights, you're bound to be entertained for awhile.

Which of these games will you be checking out?

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