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'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Spoilers: Will Jax Teller Be Charged With Tara's Murder?

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Earlier this month, season 6 of "Sons of Anarchy" ended with a bang and a huge cliff hanger that left fans wanting more.

Viewers were shocked when Jax Teller discovered that his wife Tara was murdered on the floor of their home in the finale. Unsurprisingly, the episode, titled "A Mother's Work," earned the highest ratings in the show's history with 5.2 million viewers.

Now, the question remains of what's in store for SOA in the upcoming final season next year, and will Jax be charged with Tara's murder?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Magazine, series creator Kurt Sutter revealed that season 7 would pick up a few weeks after the final scene in "A Mother's Work." Also, it is more than likely Jax will be brought in for questioning by DA Patterson who may want to know how/why two people who had recently been in contact with Jax died.

"I think procedurally they would definitely bring him in and at the very least begin the questioning process," said Sutter speaking of Jax.

"So he would be taken into custody, being on the scene there, and then I'll - I'm not quite sure how I'll want it to go from there. Is there a charge leveraged against him? And how does he respond to that? I'm still sort of playing with all that. (...) I didn't want it to end ultimately on a police beat, meaning I didn't want it to be about people getting on a radio and calling it in and blah blah blah. So, to me, I felt like there was that moment of shock and awe on her part, and she was sort of taking it all in. And the procedural stuff began once we got out of the shot. But I don't know if she feels like Jax is the one who killed Tara. I think she may think he's the one who killed Eli. But, regardless, I think Patterson feels a sense of betrayal: You made me a promise. I don't know what your part in all this is, but I'm looking at two dead bodies, two innocent people are dead as a result of their interaction with you."

In season 6, Chinese gangsters were gunned down in a warehouse shootout. As a result, season 7 may feature an attempt by the Chinese mafia to take control of SAMCRO's turf and seek revenge, reports the Examiner.

"... they will be embroiled in a full scale war as Alvarez and Nero form an alliance with the Chinese mafia to take down August Marks and the Sons of Anarchy. There's a lot of power arrayed against them and while August Marks is a powerful figure he may find himself tested by the forces arrayed against him while the Sons of Anarchy is still in disarray particular given Jax's likely arrest in season 7."

Season 7 of "Sons of Anarchy" premieres September 2014 on FX.

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