Updated 09:11 PM EST, Mon, Nov 30, 2020

'Power Rangers' Movie Reboot Cast & Updates: Ludi Lin is the New Black Ranger

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The "Power Rangers" movie official Instagram account now has three photos on Thursday after Lin has been revealed to play the "Black Ranger" in the upcoming remake of the hit Fox Kids TV series.

In Twitter, the "Power Rangers" movie's makers introduced the actor with the same photo overlay, captioned: "Meet @Ludi_Lin who is morphing into the Black Ranger in the #PowerRangers Movie!"

Naomi Scott and Dacre Montgomery had initially been casted to play the "Pink Ranger" and "Red Ranger," respectively.

Like the first two chosen "Rangers," Lin is practically a newbie in the industry as he is only credited two more projects aside from this year's Chinese martial arts fantasy flick "Monster Hunt": the 2012 movies "The Shannon Entropy" and "Holiday Spin."

This casting style, says Screen Rant, seem to be becoming a trend in the upcoming remake.

"At this point, it's safe to say that most of the film's cast will follow early rumors that focuses on unknowns or relative newcomers in key roles," the report read, contemplating that the possibility that the upcoming film would be running on existing "Power Rangers" mythology has gotten more concrete.

In the 1990s TV series, the Black Ranger, who is known as Zack Taylor without his mask, was portrayed by Walter Jones who later starred in the teen drama "Malibu Shores" as "Mouse" and several other small screen shows.

Earlier on, several outlets cited by Screen Rant thought that the "Power Rangers" reboot would be maintaining the original "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" characters.

However, as the casting for the film progresses, that did not seem to be the case considering how more recent speculations noted that it would actually follow the current flow of story.

Earlier this month, an unofficial update reported by Collider revealed that the movie would be a "semi-continuation" of the current batch of "Power Rangers" in the show titled "Power Rangers Dino Charge."

But of course, these rumors have yet to be confirmed until Lionsgate and Saban Entertainment makes an official statement or when the actual movie is released on January 13, 2017.

The entertainment production duo has yet to find the perfect Yellow and Blue Ranger though it would not be surprising if the revelation comes sooner rather than later.

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