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Pokémon Gym In Japan To Open Next Month Featuring Pokémon Themed Training Programs & More, See Details Here

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Japan is getting a real life Pokémon gym next month.

As Siliconera reported from Inside Games, Sanoyas Interaction will open a hands-on edutainment facility called "Pokémon EXPO Gym" in Osaka on Nov. 19. The facility will mark Japan's first hands-on edutainment facility for Pokémon. When it opens, the facility will be able to give advice to Pokémon fans, "tips on using abilities, and overall a way for kids to also enjoy and learn to communicate with each other as part of the program," the news outlet wrote.

Several training programs and features will entertain visitors, such as "Charizard's Battle Colosseum" and "Gardevoir's Control Score," which will serve as a training ground in various subjects and will even offer Pokémon for the "X," "Y," "Alpha Sapphire," and "Omega Ruby" games, Siliconera listed.

As early as Oct. 31, fans can pre-order their Pokémon EXPO Gym Member's Card & Pass Case, which can only be purchased at the Pokémon Center shop located in Osaka, Siliconera noted. A "Pokémon EXPO Gym Gear" app will also be unveiled for mobile devices early in November. The app will allow users to keep track of their statistics and ranking at the facility.

Check out the gym's official site for promotional images and expected attractions.

'Pokémon GO' Heading to Smartphones

In September, it was announced that Pokémon's new mobile game, "Pokémon GO," is coming to Android and iOS devices.

Niantic's "Pokémon GO" will be available for free on the App Store and Google Play in 2016, IGN reported. In the game, players will look for real-world locations to discover, trade, and battle Pokémon.

Users can also use a separate Bluetooth device for their smartphones called Pokémon GO Plus, which was developed and manufactured by Nintendo. This device will "alert players to nearby events (such as Pokémon in the vicinity) with flashes and vibrations; players will be able to catch them with the press of a button," IGN added.

It was reported earlier this month that The Pokémon Company, Google, and Nintendo are investing up to $30 million in the John Hanke-founded Niantic, Inc. to further develop "Pokémon GO." This includes $20 million upfront and an additional $10 million in financing when specific goals have been met, Express wrote.

"We are all incredibly excited about the opportunity to create a product true to the spirit of the original Pokémon games while extending gameplay out into the real world," Niantic said, as quoted by Express.

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