Updated 01:52 AM EDT, Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Jackbox Party Pack 2 Now Available On the Xbox & Playstation, See Details Here!

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Jackbox Games' "The Jackbox Party Pack 2" has been made available for various consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation.

Gaming Target said that the new instalment can be played through a tablet, phone and computer "as a controller through Jackbox.tv."

The great thing about this new game is that only one user could own the game for all players to participate.

In addition, Gaming Target also said that there additional new games on the "The Jackbox Party Pack 2" including art auction game Bidiots (3-6 players), party game Earwax (3-8 players) and explosive game Bomb Corp. (1-4 players).

MoarGeek also noted that the two favorite games on the previous release will also return on its successor:

* Fibbage 2 (2-8 players) -- The sequel to the massively popular bluffing game, features over 500 questions, more than twice the content found in Fibbage.

* Quiplash XL (3-8 players) -- A supersized bundle of everything from the original Quiplash and the first Quip Pack, plus over 100 entirely new say-anything prompts.

These great offerings will not be the end of what the Jackbox 2 has to offer as Gaming Target said it also comes with enhancements like allowing spectators to play and even influence the results of a game.

There is also reportedly timers which can be extended allowing gamers to play remotely with other individuals via live streams.

"Jackbox has also introduced a family filter for those who wish to dial down the pack's most provocative content," added Gaming Target.

Released on Wednesday, "The Jackbox Party Pack 2" became available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One users in North America for $24.99. It is expected to be available soon in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The game can also be obtained through Google Android TV, Apple Mac App Store and Amazon Fire TV.

In a review, Destructiod's Nic Rowen said that the newly released game is something that friends should try during their gatherings.

"Party Pack 2 is a near perfect vehicle to turn your casual get-together into a chuckle factory," Rowen added.

He also noted that the games in this instalment enabled him and his friends to really enjoy their time together.

"The Jackbox Party Pack 2 made me and my friends laugh our asses off, and that's what it's all about. It is a ridiculous value that is sure to provide you and your friends with a lot of laughs and great memories, exactly what every party game should aspire to," Rowen furthered.

This is another game which players would add to their list of exciting games to experience since it offers great developments and better gaming experience for all.

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