Updated 09:41 AM EST, Fri, Feb 26, 2021

'The Originals' Season 3 Episode 1 Full Trailer & Spoilers: Jason Dohring Plays Human Detective Amongst the Undead

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More plot twists are revealed in CW's "The Originals" as it enters season 3.

TV Line got word about several unexpected plot twists coming in the third season "Vampire Diaries" spinoff featuring the "original" vampires: the Mikaelsons.

At the finale of the show's second season, Klaus receives an unexpected visit in New Orleans from an old sire called Lucien who brings a fearsome prophecy about some 'beast' that would cause the Mikaelson's downfall.

The season 2 finale episode also introduced Detective Will Kinney, a new all-human detective on the block played by Jason Dohring, who is set to help Klaus' therapist-slash-love interest Cami and former Mikaelson body puppet Vincent in uncovering the mystery of a series of ritualistic murders.

The previous season also saw Davina handing down a suspicious ultimatum to the now-human Hayley while Marcel converted the church of New Orleans into a vampire fight club with his new recruits.

Plus, another shadow from the Mikaelson's past come to haunt them.

In an exclusive interview, the show's executive producer Julie Plec revealed some 'unfortunate' events coming to the band of vampire brothers and sisters as well as the humans and other mythological creatures that surround them.

Plec started off with a backgrounder for the new comer Lucien who seem to believe that he has strong influence over Klaus.

"Lucien's like that little sidekick that buzzes around and sometimes he makes you laugh, but other times you want to swat him. He'll live up to that very nicely. He owes Klaus a lot and with Klaus being his sire, he certainly doesn't want any harm to come to him," Plec explained, adding that during the course of the season, flashbacks would pave the way to the revelation of Lucien's past.

The showrunner also revealed some juicy information about the very human Will Kinney played by Dohring who plays an immortal bloodsucker in CBS' "Moonlight."

"I wouldn't say he's totally straight-laced as much as he just takes his job very seriously. What's nice about Detective Kinney is that he seems to be very much on the up," she explained.

The Will Kinney revelation would not be complete without some insights from the actor playing him.

In a separate interview, TV Line learned that Dohring found it fun to star in a supernatural show without playing a bloodsucker or any other unrealistic creatures.

Of course, he still has to undergo some change, saying: "This is very different because you have a much more strict set of rules and limits to who your character can be."

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