Updated 01:07 PM EDT, Wed, Sep 22, 2021

Google Street View Now Accessible Through VR Using Google CardBoard

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Using the technology offered of the Google Cardboard, users can now experience the Google Street View in virtual reality.

TechCrunch said that with this recent development, individuals can already visit various places even if they do not have enough money.

"Google Street View now works with Cardboard, so just update the app for iOS or Android and pop Cardboard onto your device," added the same report.

In a review, Venture Beat writer Jordan Novet said that he was able to transport himself to Fiji and had a mini vacation using the Google Street View.

"I was able to look around 360 degrees in a bunch of places using the OnePlus Cardboard virtual reality (VR) headset, based on the Google Cardboard VR system," Novet added.

He noted that the experience was "interesting and immersive" since the screen display is only a few inches away from a his eyes.

"My favorite part is clicking the button on the top of the headset and moving a few feet forward. Do this again and again - it takes one or two seconds for a new 360-degree image to reload, just as there's a delay when you do this on desktop - and it feels like you're riding on a tour bus in slow motion," Novet furthered.

In the Google Developers' Blog, the company said that the aim of this new technology is "to bring the world just a little bit closer to everyone."

It added that the introduction of this development came with Google Cardboard's worldwide worldwide debut.

"Starting today, the Google Cardboard app is available in 39 languages and over 100 countries on both Android and iOS devices," the blog added.

Along with this, the developer documents of Cardboard were also made available in 10 languages to aid developers in improving the VR experience of users.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch noted that Google is doing a pretty good job with the Cardboard since it now has 15 million installs.

According to the same report, the success was mainly attributed to the fact that this is the avenue where users could actually experience virtual reality for the first time.

In a similar development, CBS Local said Google Street View cars in Bay Area, San Francisco will be installed with sensors that measure pollution for Google Maps to detect fumes from cars and even cigarette smoke.

Scientist Lara Gundel said these special sensors have the capacity to detect even the smallest particles that can enter the human lungs.

"And if they're riding a bicycle or if they're going on a nice walk someplace, they might want to know how polluted it is outside," Gundel added.

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