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Tag Heuer Smartwatch Features, Face & Pre-Order: Get a Sneak Peak at the Swiss Watchmaker’s Android Wear

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Tag Heuer, a Swiss manufacturing company that builds and designs luxury watches, has unveiled its very own Android Wear smartwatch. The Swiss company gave potential buyers a sneak peek at the design of the watch through its official Twitter page, reports Tech Radar.

While very little can be seen of the watch, the picture does show enough for consumers to realize that this smartwatch is not like the others. The picture only reveals a portion of the watch, namely a side button and minute markers.

Unlike the other big smartwatch contenders, such as Apple or Samsung, Tag Heuer has designed a smartwatch with a sleek, classy design. It maintains the classic watch look, meaning it seems to look more like a normal watch than a smartwatch.

The luxury watch company captions its tweet with "Get Ready to experience the next step in innovation. #connectedtoeternity."

The Verge explains that the upcoming smartwatch is reportedly called "Connected." Its design was inspired by another popular Tag Heuer watch, called 'Tag Carrera."

Tag CEO Jean-Claude Biver told CNBC last month that the Android smartwatch will cost about $1,800 USD. Tech Radar notes that the most expensive Android Wear currently on the market is the Huawei Watch, which retails at $800 USD.

Compared to the Huawei Watch, Tag Heuer's smartwatch might come at a steep price. However, there is still Apple's luxury smartwatch to consider, which costs a staggering $17,000 USD.

Biver explains that the high-profile price was made possible by Apple raising the stakes on smartwatch prices. "We were a little bit concerned about the price...and now we are quite reassured because Apple is telling us we can sell at $1,500 or even more."

Apple is reportedly raising the stakes even higher by teaming up with the luxury brand, Hermes, for new bands on the Apple Watch. Biver adds that it would be "ridiculous" to try and beat the Apple Watch.

Biver does pay credit to Tag Heuer's partners on their Android Wear smartwatch venture. He states that the company could not have found better partners than Google and Intel, the chip company that worked on the software-side of the watch.

The Tag Heuer smartwatch will reportedly launch on November 9, 2015, as indicated by the countdown clock on its official website. The Swiss company announced that it will fully unveil that new Android smartwatch in New York at the end of the countdown.

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