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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Update: Season Pass Perks, Ultimate Edition & Hero Hunt Mode

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EA games has announced that the season pass for "Star Wars Battlefront" is now available for preorder. Along with the perks of buying the game's season pass, the gaming company also unveiled Battlefront's Ultimate Edition.

According to IGN, the season pass will cost only $50 USD. Included with the pass are 4 expansion packs, which will unlock other locations in the galaxy and new content as well, explains the official EA Battlefront website.

Gamers who buy the season pass will have access to the expansion pack two weeks early. In addition, they will receive an exclusive "Shoot First" emote. The season pass is now available for preorder on several online stores: the PlayStation store, the Xbox store and EA's Origin Service.

Aside from the season pass, EA also announced the "Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition," which contains all the content in the Deluxe Edition plus the season pass.

No price was listed for the Ultimate Edition. However, GameSpot notes that the Deluxe Edition on its own is priced at $70 USD. So, it is probably safe to say that the Ultimate Edition will cost more than $80 USD.

In other Battlefront news, EA recently extended its Beta run by one day, due to the enormous amount of helpful and insightful feedback comments they received from players. For gamers who have not heard of the extension, you have one whole day left to play Beta.

Meanwhile, Dennis Brännvall, the lead level designer for the game, has revealed some details on another exciting mode, called Hero Hunt.

In Hero Hunt, it's either hunt or be hunted. Players spawn as either a Hero of Villain, depending on the planet their currently on. Seven other players will spawn as well from the opposing side. The goal is to take down the hero or villain, so it is an aggressive seven-versus-one manhunt. The person who defeats the hero or villain, then takes their place.

According to Brännvall, "People tend to react in two different ways when [they spawn as a hero or villain]."

"Some muscle up and shout 'come at me!' while others tend to, well, panic slightly when they realize they've got seven people on their tail. But after a few kills they get confident as well."

Brännvall advises the team of seven to really know who they are up against. He also emphasizes the importance of Power Card pickups. As for the one being hunted, Brännvall advises gamers in the hot seat to learn the hero or villain's unique abilities.

Hero Hunt will be available on the launch date of "Star Wars Battlefront." The game is set to hit stores on November 17, 2015.

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