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Barnes and Noble's Galaxy Tab E Nook vs Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 10: Specs, Features & More

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Barnes and Noble recently released a new e-book reader for their Nook series. The Fortune 500 company has collaborated once again with Samsung for its latest Nook called the Galaxy Tab E. The newest Nook has been compared to Amazon's top of the line e-book reader, the Kindle Fire HD 10. 

The real difference between the tablets can be seen when comparing their hardware. According to Barnes and Noble's official website, the Tab E Nook has 16GB of internal memory. However, users can add up to 128 GB to their memory thanks to the MicroSD card slot.

The Kindle Fire also has a MicroSD card slot, which supports up to 128 GB of memory. However, buyers can choose to buy between a Fire 10 packed with 16 GB of internal memory or 32 GB.

As for their processors, the Tab E runs on Qualcomm's APQ 8016 clocked at 1.2 GHZ. Whereas, the Kindle Fire 10 boasts a quick and responsive quad-core processor, two of which are clocked at 1.5 GHz while the other two are clocked at 1.2 GHz.

Other than the stark differences in their processors, the two e-readers also have different battery lives- one important feature for e-readers or tablets in general. The Tab E beats out the Kindle Fire with a battery life of up to 12 hours. On the hand, the Kindle Fire only has a battery life of 8 hours.

The two tablets also come with different features that each have their own distinct advantages. The Tab E is pre-loaded with Microsoft Office, making it useful for on-the-go worker bees. On the other hand, Amazon has included free unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content on the Kindle Fire 10, making it one formidable entertainment device.

Even though readers will most likely not use the tablets for taking pictures, both the Tab E and Kindle Fire 10 are equipped with decent cameras. The Tab E has a 2MP front camera and sports a 5MP rear-facing camera. Meanwhile, the Kindle Fire 10 sports a 720p HD front-facing camera and has a 1080p HD video recording 5MP camera at the back, reports Amazon's official website. 

The screens on the two tablets also slightly differ, with the Kindle Fire having a bit of an advantage. The Tab E's screen measures at 9.6 inches, while the Kindle Fire has a 10-inch screen. Despite the different screen sizes, both tablets have HD displays with 1280x800 resolution.

Then there is the price, which is always the deciding factor when buying. The Tab E costs just a bit more than Amazon's e-reader at $250, whereas the Fire 10 is priced at $230. However, Barnes and Noble will take $50 off if readers bring in their older Nooks, bringing the Tab E's price down to $200. The discount lasts only until November 7, 2015, states Tech Times.

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