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‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ Beta Feedback Improves Multi-Player Mode: New Content & Features Here!

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The "Call of Duty: Black Ops III" summer beta run had been tremendously helpful for the developers of the game. According to the PlayStation blog site, developers really listened to the feedback beta testers offered and tweaked the game accordingly.

During the beta run, a lot of gamers brought up some strong points about the game, majority of which concerned the Black Hat equipment, the Rejack ability, additional elimination details and Safeguard.

A number of beta testers felt that the Black Hat equipment was too powerful and Treyarch developers agreed. As a result, a new hacking mechanic was designed, which requires more time to steal scorestreaks. In addition, players will now have a chance to hunt down their attacker, thanks to the red dot that will indicate the hacker's position on the minimap.

Meanwhile the Rejack ability, which apparently sparked a bit of a controversy during the beta run, has also been modified. Killing a gamer who uses Rejack now counts as a kill. The Rejack user's scorestreak is also wiped clean after they revive.

Beta Testers also wanted to know more details about how they were killed. So, the Kill Cam and Final Kill Cam was modified a bit as well. Gamers can now see what killed them, including their killer's weapons, scorestreaks, equipment and even the perks the player equipped.

Escorting the robot in Safeguard was another aspect of the game beta testers wanted to change. According to the PS blog, a lot of gamers felt that the reward for escorting the robot was not really worthwhile. So now, gamers receive +25 to their score for every 3 seconds they escort the robot to the enemy base.

Besides the changes mentioned above, Treyarch also included a stat during the Hardpoint game mode, called "Time in Hill." It was a highly requested stat, which is why developers decided to add it on for the scoreboard and leaderboards.

Weapons also received a few tweaks to in terms of weapon-balancing, particularly the Razorback and M8A7.

GameSpot adds that there were slight improvements to the flinch mechanics too. The PS blog page explains that flinching occurs when gamers are shot during the game and causes their weapon and aim to shift a little.

The site further states that sometimes the bullet flinch would stack due to the new networking code. To fix the issue, developers placed a cap on the flinch mechanics, so gamers do not flinch as much.

There will probably be more modifications as the game nears its release date on November 6. Fans can learn more about "Black Ops 3" in the coming weeks, thanks to the videos Activision plans to release on YouTube.com/CallofDuty. The videos will come out every Friday, until October 30. 

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