Updated 07:50 AM EST, Thu, Nov 26, 2020

New York Knicks Coach Derek Fisher Gets Into a Fight With Matt Barnes Over a Woman

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New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher is in hot water after he allegedly got involved in a fight versus Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes in Los Angeles last weekend.

The Wall Street Journal said the incident is now being looked into by the NBA. It added that the altercation took place on Saturday at the home of Barnes and his estranged wife, Gloria Govan, whom Fisher is allegedly dating.

The Grizzlies forward reportedly travelled about 100 miles from his training camp in Santa Barbara just to confront his ex-wife and Fisher. At the house, some people were believed to have stopped Barnes from making the fight physically.

In a similar report, the New York Post noted that Barnes was obviously irked that Fisher was seeing his estranged wife. A source told the same report that Barnes stormed to their residence when his twin sons -- Carter and Isaiah -- told him that the Knicks coach was at their house.

"Barnes went crazy. He got in his car and went to the house and went after Fisher. Matt then drove down there to beat the s-t out of him," the source added noting that he found Fisher and his ex-wife with 10 others around a bonfire in their backyard.

The New York Post said that the two personalities were previously teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers.

It also detailed that the fight between the two started at 11:45 p.m. with cops being called to the scene, but Fisher already left the place. Another source revealed that Barnes did not only tried to hurt Fisher but also took out his anger on Govan.

"I kicked his ass from the backyard to the front room, and spit in her face," read the text provided by the New York Post source.

It was also claimed that Fisher sustained some scratches because of the incident though the source said that he does not have any plans of suing. But Govan will reportedly seek for a restraining order against Barnes after what happened.

During the Knicks' preseason game versus the Brazilian Paschoalotto/Bauru on Wednesday, Fisher declined to comment on the incident.

"My state of mind -- like I talked to the guys a few minutes ago -- is personal, and private matters are personal and private. I've been through a lot in life. Sometimes, we go through things we can't or can control. I'm here. I'm focused. It's not something that's going to take me away from what we're trying to do," Fisher told the New York Post.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Sports said that the Knicks, Grizzlies and the NBA are already aware of the issue and are probing what really happened.

"We are aware and currently gathering information regarding today's report involving Matt Barnes," the Grizzlies's statement read as quoted by Yahoo Sports.

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