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'Revenge' Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Is Emily Faking Her Amnesia?

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When "Revenge" returns in January, Emily will be a bit confused when she wakes up and finds herself in the hospital-- especially because she doesn't remember who she is.

On the upcoming episode of "Revenge," called "Homecoming," "allies and enemies scramble to learn what happened the night of Emily's wedding." Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) will try to convince Daniel that Emily set him up, but Emily herself may not know what happened, as she appears to have a case of amnesia when she wakes up from her comatose state.

In an exclusive video clip from the upcoming episode, Daniel (Joshua Bowman) visits Emily (Emily VanCamp) in the hospital, but she doesn't seem to remember what happened, or who she is. But is it all an act?

Watch the video here to make your own prediction.

Even though Emily may not remember what happened on her wedding night, viewers know who pulled the trigger; the shooter was none other than her brand new husband, Daniel.

In the latest episode, the wedding goes perfectly, with Nolan (Gabriel Mann) walking Emily down the aisle and Emily and Daniel exchanging vows.

While Emily is preparing the final stage of her plan by bringing everyone onto the yacht, Daniel gets more and more drunk. He is still not over Sarah (Annabelle Stephenson), and the feeling is mutual. Sarah gets drunk at The Stowaway, and tries to come onto Jack. Shortly after, Sarah's roommate calls Daniel to tell him that Sarah tried to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, Emily spills her drink on Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), as planned, and Lydia follows Victoria in the stateroom to tell her about the photo she found. After hearing the news, Victoria heads to the yacht to confront Emily. The two exchange insults, with Victoria calling Emily a "predator," and Emily calling Victoria a "sad woman." Aiden then chloroforms Victoria, as according to plan.

But then the plan veers off the tracks. Daniel steps onto the yacht, very inebriated, and tells Emily that she set him up. Then he picks up the gun.

Daniel shoots Emily, watches her fall overboard and throws the gun into the water. He then steps back inside as if nothing happened.

Aiden (Barry Sloane), who doesn't yet know what happened, swims up to shore to await Emily's arrival. Instead, he finds Jack (Nick Wechsler), who had come to apologize to Emily. The two panic when they see Emily's wedding dress wash ashore.

When the series returns, Brett Cullen ("Lost," "Friday Night Lights") will also guest star as Jimmy, the biological father of Patrick. According to TVLine, his character is described as "a ruggedly handsome construction worker" who has a "troubled gaze." He will debut in the 13th episode on Jan. 19.

The second half of the season will also feature Margaux's billionaire father. He will have a five-episode arc, and is described as a cross between "Rupert Murdoch and Cary Grant." He will have undeniable sexual tension with Victoria and a rivalry with Henry.

"Homecoming" airs at 9 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 5 on ABC.

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