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'Star Wars Battlefront' Beta News, Release Date & Gameplay: Three Modes to Help You Prepare for Battle!

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Gamers will have the chance to test out "Star Wars Battlefront" with the release of the game's beta form. "Battlefront" beta will be released starting this Thursday, October 8, until Monday, October 12, although it may vary in different regions.

The PlayStation Blog interviewed Mat Everett, the Battlefront Community Manager, who shared a couple tidbits about the game.

"Star Wars Battlefront" beta will be available to all PlayStation 4 players. There is no need to register or be a PS Plus member to get Beta. The only requirement is gamers must have Internet connection to play.

To get Beta, simply go to the PlayStation Store and download it. The entire Beta edition is more or less 7GB. Everett and other "Battlefront" experts from EA and DICE explained that gamers will experience some interruptions while playing the game, since beta is basically just a test run.

There will be three modes gamers can try out in "Battlefront" beta: Walker Assault on Hoth, Drop Zone on Sullust and Survival Mission on Tattooine. GameSpot gives a sample of the gameplay in each mode here.

The Survival Mission on Tattoine can be played in single player mode or in a co-op mode with a friend. The main objective is to withstand and fight against waves of incoming Imperial Forces. During this mission you will have to face elite Stormtroopers, AT-ST's and other agents of the Dark Force.

Gamer's can also choose to play the Walker Assault mode, which is an all-out epic battle involving 40 players. Gamers can choose to fight against the Empire as a rebel or join the evil regime and fight the rebels, explains the PlayStation Blog.

As a rebel, you must destroy the Empire's AT-AT's with the help of Y-wing bombers. On the other hand, as a servant of the Empire, you must protect your AT-AT's to defeat the Rebel force

Then there is the Drop Zone on Sullust, which is an 8v8 match that will test your combat and strategy skills. A team of 8 will have to protect, guard or fight for fallen escape pods that hold treasures.

IGN particularly praised the Drop Zone mode, claiming that it really keeps gamers on their toes. According to the site, every movement - even the slightest one - counts in the Drop Zone.

Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, senior producer of the game, explains the developers' mindset when creating the Drop Zone: "What we wanted to do was have a fun action-packed mode...that fast-paced gameplay that feels different."

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