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PlayStation Plus Free Games for Jan. Leaked for PS4, PS3, and Vita

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With a new year many PlayStation Plus owners are looking forward to a new year of free games and discounts provided by Sony and the premium subscription service. Sony has yet to officially announce what games will be available for free through PlayStation Plus in January across their platforms, but now the information has been leaked before Sony could make the announcement,

This news comes from a NeoGAF which reveals which games will be free on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita during January. In addition, it is being reported that if users go to the Instant Game Collection found in the PlayStation Store, a video will play showing the January PlayStation Plus games, thus spoiling the surprise before Sony can announce the games on the PlayStation Blog.

The lone PlayStation 4 game being offered for free through PlayStation Plus in January is Don't Starve, the much hyped indie game coming to the console. While some PlayStation 4 owners may be disappointed in the lack of selection for the PlayStation 4, the reality is there is simply not very many games on the console so far so Sony cannot commit very many titles to PlayStation Plus on the console.

The PlayStation 3, on the other hand, has several games available in December that should occupy PlayStation Plus owners throughout the month. The biggest title available is Bioshock Infinite, one of the best games not only of 2013 but possibility of the entire console generation. the game has a memorable story, a unique world to explore, and the best gameplay found in the series so far. Another big game that is coming to PlayStation 3 owners is DMC: Devil May Cry. This game, which caused some controversy for Devil May Cry fans due to the reimagining of main character Dante, is nonetheless a very solid game and offers some crazy hack and slash gameplay for players to try and master. Finally, the third game available for the PlayStation 3 PlayStation Plus subscribers is Brothers.

The PlayStation Vita will have two free games through PlayStation Plus in January for players to choose from. The big one is Worms: Battle Islands. This entry into the classic series allows users to experience the turn-based chaos of the Worms franchise with some new gameplay elements to freshen up the game. The other game available for free to PlayStation Plus owners on the Vita is Smart As, which is another solid game for players to check out.

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