Updated 06:51 AM EST, Tue, Jan 26, 2021

‘Street Fighter’ 5 Characters List: Zangief Added to Gaming Roster with Some New Moves

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Extremely powerful Zangief is the newest character coming to the Street Fighter V once it is released sometime next year on the PS4 and PC.

Mashable said that the "barely clothed" Russian wrestler will again engage in battle in the upcoming instalment of the Street Fighter game series.

Aside from his signature spinning lariat and command throws, Zangief will also come with some new moves which will go well with the game's V-Skill and V-Trigger system.

"Zangief's V-Skill, which is activated by hitting the two medium attack buttons, allows him to ignore an attack and press against the other player," added Mashable.

It should also be expected that when players hold these buttons, the character's Iron Muscle will enable him to walk forward. He will also reportedly do an attack when he is close enough.

Meanwhile, the V-Trigger could be activated by using the attack buttons.

"One tap causes him to spin once and try to suck the opponent in a tornado of limbs. But keep pressing the buttons and he'll spin for longer, delivering more hits and more damage," explained Mashable.

According to Forbes the character made his last appearance in Street Fighter II with him tagged as "Vodka Gobalsky."

The same report, however, said that the name Zangief better suits the character since it was taken from the name of Russian wrestler Victor Zangiev.

In addition, Capcom said the character has been known for his extreme strength, which many fighters cannot seem to equal.

"Training day and night, Zangief believes that the only way to victory is to have a body complete with perfect muscles. Due to his intense training, which includes wrestling bears, Zangief can lift the heaviest opponents with ease," added Capcom.

Gamers can also expect that the newly introduced character will be a bad guy in the game, "a brutal but slow antagonist."

With Zangief's introduction as part of the character list, Mashable said Capcom has already revealed 13 of its 16 characters. The list includes Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Ken, Vega, Birdie, Charlie Nash, R. Mika, Karin and M. Bison, Necalli and Rashid.

The next character is expected to be announced next week at the New York Comic Con.

In July, a trailer for the game confirmed the return of Ken. His coming back will be like no other as Eurogamer said that he will sport a new hairdo.

His V-Skills, according to the same report, allows him to rush forward and combine various moves though this hit can be cancelled by gamers once they are in close proximity to other opponents.

Ken will also reportedly have a new V-Trigger move called the Heat Rush, which will turn him on fire when gamers burn through the entire V-Gauge.

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