Updated 07:00 PM EDT, Tue, Sep 22, 2020

Johnny Strange, Famous Summit Climber, Dies in Wingsuiting Accident

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Famous summit climber Johnny Strange died on Thursday in a wingsuit accident in Switzerland.

According to TMZ, a family has confirmed the death of the 23-year-old extreme sports enthusiast, who was reportedly wingsuiting in the said country when something went wrong with his jump.

Daily Mail added that four days ago, Strange was still able to upload a video on his YouTube account where he was seen on top of the Swiss mountains with his buddies Dominik and Andreas Kaino.

The three were reportedly not able to perform BASE jumps because of the weather but a few hours later, he was able to find a perfect timing to jump down the Alps when the fog cleared.

He was also able to capture a breathtaking view of his jump on his Facebook page with the caption "I don't exactly know what this video has to do with the Kevin and Bean show interview, but it was fun to make and we ended up BASE jumping...I also got to witness Domi Nik perform live Andreas Kaino #ApexBASE #TonySuits."

Prior to the video upload, he called "Kevin & Bean" on KROQ to share that "he was shooting a dangerous wingsuit proximity video where 'we fly super close to stuff,'" as per TMZ.

It was noted in a similar New York Daily News report that Strange made a name for himself since he was considered as the youngest individual to climb the "7 Summits," or the highest peaks on every continent.

According to Daily Mail, he climbed the top of Antarctica's Mt. Vinson Massif when he was just a 12-year-old boy.

He was also known for dangerous stunts like the Grand Canyon base jump. This brought him fame and special appearances in some US shows like CBS News, CNN and Conan O'Brien.

In addition, the Malibu Times said that aside from doing crazy stunts and climbing mountains, Strange is also a social activist.

The Malibu-born personality reportedly appeared during the Malibu Public Library Speaker Series last June.

His personal website also detailed that Strange loved adventures even at a young age.

"For Johnny Strange, adventure is a way of life and he seeks it out whether it's base jumping into the Grand Canyon, surfing 30 foot waves in Hawaii or skateboarding down the side of a mountain, Johnny Strange is a man who exemplifies courage, strength and excitement," read a statement on his website.

It added that he has always lived with a purpose in his life. "Everything he does is dedicated to helping raise awareness about Parkinson's Disease and bringing about an end to genocide all over the world," part of the website post read.

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