Updated 07:12 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 19, 2018

Daniel Garza, Libre Initiative Striving to Deliver Conservatism to Latino Audience for 2014

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It's common knowledge that the Republican Party is looking for all the help it can get to win over votes in the Latin community.

But conservative Daniel Garza and his Libre Initiative are looking to help in that effort.

 "Our mission is to equip the Hispanic community with the tools they need to be prosperous," the organization's Web site says. "We are committed to developing a network of Hispanic pro-liberty activists across the United States so that our message reaches every corner of the country."

Garza himself can match the stories of being born into an immigrant family, rough times and challenges. But Garza's Libre Initiative, founded in 2011, strives to bring a conservative message to a demographic Garza says has been underserved by conservative outreaches in the past. This negligence in past elections hurts the GOP efforts today, according to Garza.

In the Globe and Mail, Garza is quoted as saying, "In the absence of conservatives, the left was showing up and filling that void. For decades now, the Hispanic community has been told that you folks are evil."

The Hispanic vote went overwhelmingly to Obama in the last election, a point that is not lost on members of the Libre Initiative, which is a strong opponent of Obamacare.

"It's unfortunate that for millions of Americans, the holidays will be a time to worry about the status of their health insurance and about the unaffordable cost of medical care going forward," Garza said in a Dec. 23 release. "Millions face a choice between higher insurance premiums or a penalty tax for not complying with the law. This is simply unfair - and the polls show Americans are not happy.

"The Administration and advocates of this law are losing support on a grand scale because of the many problems with a fatally-flawed system. It is time for accountability from those who support this law and for a law that simply does not work as promised."

According to the Globe and Mail, Garza is spending $800,000 specifically on unseating two Latino Democrats in Florida and Texas. Libre Initiative literature in the "Accountability Project" specifically names Pete Gallegos (TX-23) and Joe Garcia (FL-26).

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