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PlayStation Plus Free Games for October 2015: Sony Releases Full List, See Here!

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Sony has announced the free games coming to the PlayStation Plus this October 6, 2015. PlayStation Blog gives a list of the full lineup, seen below:

  • "Super Meat Boy" - PS4 and PS Vita
  • "Broken Age" - PS4 and PS Vita
  • "Unmechanical: Extended" - PS4 and PS3
  • "Chariot" - PS3
  • "KickBeat" - PS3 and PS Vita
  • "Kung Fu Rabit" - PS3 and PS Vita

#1: Super Meat Boy

For those unfamiliar with the adventures of Meat Boy, the main goal of the game is to reach Bandage Girl through a string of obstacles containing buzzsaws, spikes and the like.

Super Meat Boy is a simple run and jump game, but the obstacles can be quite tricky. However, Meat Boy can get some help from allies, if players can find the warp zones that lead to secret areas in the game. New characters like Commander Video from Bit can be found in the warp zones, states IGN.

#2: Broken Age

Created by Tim Schafer, this game promises to take gamers through a roller coaster of humor, nostalgia and pure fun. The game is described as "a timeless coming-of-age story" on its official website.

Broken Age follows the story of Vella and Shay, who are from two completely different worlds. However, both characters seek freedom from their oppressive lives.  

#3: Unmechanical Extended

IGN describes this game as a "puzzle platformer." Gaming Nexus reveals that both the game's design and story line can be quite unnerving. It is definitely not a game for those prone to nightmares.

The game takes place in a dystopian society, in which neither humans nor the robots filled with human consciousness remember much of their glorious past. Society is basically stuck in another Dark Age.

#4: Chariot

This game is a co-op platformer, created by Frima Studios. According to the PlayStation Blog site, Chariot is a two-player game, which uses physics-based mechanics.

In the game, a young princess and her fiancé try to find the perfect resting place for the king, whose body is in the chariot. The lovebirds must drag the king's body throughout the whole game.

#5: Kickbeat

According to its official website, Kickbeat is a strange mix between a kung-fu fighting game and a rhythmic dancing game. The whole point of the game is to defeat the bad guys, while keeping in tune with the rhythm of the song.

#6: Kung Fu Rabbit

This game is another platformer game inspired by others like Super Meat Boy, reports Game style. The object of the game is to save your students, who have been kidnapped by universal evil.

Ku Fu Rabbit will keep gamers busy for hours with three main worlds, each containing sixty levels. There is also a bonus world containing several levels, which are based on how you did in the previous worlds. 

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