Updated 08:53 PM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

Phone Abortion Consultations Now Accessible for Women

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Australia has taken an initiative when it comes to child abortions.

In a recent report by the Sydney Morning Herald, it seems that Australian women can now consult with doctors concerning abortions without face-to-face communication. A new telephone service from the Tabbot Foundation will help assess women over the phone and then post their necessary medications online. Advocates say that this could improve access to pregnancy termination in the country.

Reproductive Choice Australia noted that the service may have the costs that women will need for abortion, as well as help those in regional areas to receive treatment that they were previously denied of.

A Tabbot Foundation spokesman said that telehealth has become more common in Australia, adding that "Medical pregnancy termination through teleconference is one of the most appropriate medical conditions you can use this for because you don't have to examine the patient. It will also mean women who might have felt intimidated going into an abortion clinic don't have to."

So how would this telehealth consultation work?

SMH noted that the woman will only have to call the service toll-free number --- 1800 180 880 --- and she will be referred to a local provider to test her blood and give her an ultrasound to ensure that she can still terminate her pregnancy. The doctor would get the results in a phone consultation.

For women who may need psychological assessment, this too will be done over the phone. Once treatment is approved, the women using the service will be sent a package with their medication: mifepristone and misoprostol (cAKA RU486), prophylactic antibiotics, painkillers and anti-nausea drugs, all for $250.

Follow ups are also included: a nurse would phone to check on the patient, or women could call the 24-hour helpline also run by the Tabbot Foundation.

"It's a little bit of a postcode lottery for women. I think this will make a really big difference," Reproductive Choice Australia co-President Jenny Ejlak said. "It will provide access to medical termination in a lot of parts of the country where it's not available at all, but it will also provide an option for women that is probably going to be a lot cheaper than the other clinics," she also added.

The service is offered only to women with pregnancies fewer than 63 days, and only for whose who do not experience severe periods as the medications cause heavy or painful bleeding.

Abortion is still a big issue in the United States, with many areas still adamant on making it illegal. However, do you think that this kind of consultation and treatment is a good idea?

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