Updated 01:06 PM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

'GTA 5' Update, News & Cheats: Reddit User Unveils Sasquatch Peyote

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A Reddit user has broken the myth of Big Foot on "GTA V." The hunt for the mysterious Sasquatch peyote plant began when players noticed something strange about a new achievement called, "Cryptozoologist," reports Kotaku.

GTA players were particularly intrigued by the flavor text: "You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode...or did you?" 

After reading the mysterious flavor text, Reddit user rkRusty immediately started working to crack the mystery. According to IGN, rkRusty posted his discovery on subreddit/r/chilladmyster, which is dedicated to solving the mystery at Mt. Chiliad.

On his post, rkRusty writes: "I noticed that a series of coordinates exist at the very bottom of the 'animalcontroller' script file, so tried teleporting to each of the existing peyotes in game and seeing if the in-game coordinates match those in the file. Lo and behold, they do."

To find the mysterious peyote, rkRusty first matched up all 27 peyotes in the file, labeling each one. He found that there were several coordinates left over after matching all the peyotes. Going through each remaining coordinate, rkRusty found the gold peyote on the third try.

The golden peyote was found South West of the Chiliad State Wilderness. Kotaku explains that once digested, the plant transforms the player into Big Foot for a certain amount of time.

To find the rare peyote, gamers must be aware of a couple of factors. First, players have to change the weather to foggy before proceeding to these exact coordinates: 1472.531,4439,18.862. Other players claim that they found the new peyote plant in other weather conditions.

For instance nicky041192, claims that the peyote plant can be found while it is snowing. Another GTA player claims that it was smoggy outside when the Sasquatch peyote plant was discovered.

Of course, gamers can play with the weather in the game to see which one will yield the golden peyote. According to GTA 5 Cheats, to change the weather to from sunny to clear or cloudy to rainy, simply use the following button combination: R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Square.

Second, Reddit user rkRusty also notes that the Sasquatch peyote only spawns on Tuesday at around 5:30 am to 8am. In addition, to find the peyote, gamers must have completed the game, although there is no need to finish it a hundred percent or earn gold in all missions/strangers and freaks. 

Gamers must also collect the other 27 peyote plants and absolutely must have spared the life of the Sasquatch in "The Last One" mission.

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