Updated 10:18 AM EST, Thu, Feb 25, 2021

'Frozen 2' Movie Trailer, Release Date & Plot Spoilers: Anna's Superpower Revealed!

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"Frozen 2" is still a few years away, but Disney is releasing news bits one at a time, and fans are surviving through theories and rumors. However, creators Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee were interviewed by HitFix, and were able to answer some questions.

The biggest spill? Anna will actually have a power! Although it's not exactly what you'd think.

"We know what her superpower is: her superpower is love! She saves the day with love," Buck said.

That could make for a very emotional princess, but Lee explained further, "You know, like a mama bear can raise a car off their kid with their super strength, love is very powerful."

That being said, Movie Pilot had some theories about how "love" as a superpower can be translated by Anna's character.

First, she could have super-strength. Lee mentioned about mama bears lifting cars off their children, which is a representation of strength. Besides, Anna does seem pretty strong for a pampered princess living her life indoors, no? She scaled a mountain easily and that was pretty hard-core of a punch that she gave Hans.

Then, there's also the possibility of Anna's love being more magical -- we've seen it before in practically every other Disney film: True Love's Kiss, anyone? Of course, since hers would have to be a special brand, it has to be something more complicated than TLK, after all, by sacrificing herself for Elsa in the original film, she also saved herself.

Or it could all be metaphorical. She did save the day with the love for her sister, but there is also the possibility that Anna is just a perfectly ordinary girl with a lot of love in her hear. After all, isn't that a good message for the kids?

Meanwhile, as fans are going to be mulling on how Anna's power translates in the film, the bigger question is for Elsa: how did she get her powers? That topic should be addressed in the sequel, right? Especially because Elsa's the only one in their family who seems to have special abilities (unless you count the stint from ABC's "Once Upon a Time" where they apparently have an aunt named Ingrid, who is the original Ice Queen).

That being said, should Anna steal the spotlight by having her own superpowers or should the focus of the next film be on Elsa and the history of her own magic?

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