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'The Last Guardian' PS4 Release Date & Trailer: Gameplay, Features & Everything We Know So Far

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Silence continues to three months after Sony resurrected "The Last Guardian" during the E3 2015 in June with many gamers unsure of how to play the game because of a "virtual pet" appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2015.

After a quite modest reintroduction, the game which was promised to be playable in Sony's PS4 console upon its release has just made an appearance during at the TGS 2015.

This was revealed in a Tweet from Team ICO's company Gen Design showing a GIF image showing a life-sized Trico responding to a person's movements.

"TGS2015 A life-size Trico, controlled by the same AI system as in the game, is waiting you," the Tweet dated September 16, 2015 read.

According to Destructoid, was basically a virtual pet that would also be played during a separate theater screening demo similar to what happened at the E3.

For over five years, "The Last Guardian" has progressed after its development began back in 2007.

Back in June, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida explained to Polygon how creative director Fumito Ueda led a team of enthusiastic developers to give birth to the game.

According to the Sony executive, Yoshida lauded the team for patiently working on the project even at a slow pace because PlayStation 3 would soon be succeeded by a newer console.

This, says Yoshida, was the reason why "The Last Guardian" was not created for PS3 and not because of lack of efforts on the part of the company.

"We had deployed lots of our central tech teams and different studios' tech directors [were] looking at the code. Like, [the] whole [of] Worldwide Studios was helping," he recalled, adding that they took every bit of consideration before they decided that the game was ready for PlayStation 4.

"It took a long time after we decided to move it to PS4 for the game to become really playable," he said. Explaining that the team was forced to "recreate anew the fundamentals of the game engine" due to the PS3 influence in the game.

After reintroducing the game to the public, Yoshida noted that they are facing renewed pressure.

"Now we have a renewed pressure on ourselves to deliver, because we have announced the new window, and people [will] make fun of us if we miss it," he said. Admitting that there are people who tactlessly tell him that the game would not be released by 2016 at their current pace.

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