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'Attack on Titan' Game Trailer, Release Date, & Update: Sony to Release Game on Xbox & PC

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Koei Tecmo recently shared some gameplay footage -- seen in the video below -- of the "Attack on Titan" game at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show. The upcoming adaptation is expected to be released for the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. Unfortunately, it is exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

However, Producer Hisashi Koinuma told DualShockers that the game may come out for the Xbox One and PC if there is a "sizable demand" for it in the West. GameZone notes that Tecmo has released exclusive PlayStation games on the Xbox and PC before, specifically when "Arslan: The Warriors of Legend" came out in the States.

So, there is a high chance the the "Attack on Titan" game will be released for the Xbox and PC as well, if gamers were to make their demands known to the company. Koinuma adds that Koei Tecmo would like to hear feedback from fans of the manga/anime series as much as possible.  

To offer some of your feedback on the "Attack on Titan" game, log on to Koei Tecmo's official social media websites. Click here, for Tecmo's Facebook page. For Tecmo's Twitter page, click here. GameZone advises gamers to start contacting Tecmo immediately, if they really want the game to be released on the Xbox One and PC.   

Cinema Blend notes that the upcoming "Attack on Titan" game has improved compared to the 3DS game, which was released in the States this past summer. While the PS game has maintained the overall fluidity and combat style of the 3DS version, it has improved in terms of missions and overall game structure. 

The PS version has more to offer when it comes to the story line as well, since it will closely follow the plot of the anime's first season, Yibada cites. As for gameplay, players will have an easy time using the 3D Maneuver Gear, reports Capsule Computers. In addition, friends can team up to defeat the massive titans, which will not be an easy feat.  

The titans in the game are actually quite smart with their ability to track down players. Titans can force gamers to crash into buildings, cut their wires, and even grab a player, just like in the anime.

The game is set to release in Japan by the end of 2015, Cinema Blend reported. On the other hand, gamers in the United States will have to wait until 2016 to play the game.


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