Updated 03:50 PM EST, Sun, Jan 23, 2022

Get Ready For iOS 9! Release Date, Download & Everything We Know So Far Here!

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Apple's iOS 9, which is set to be released on Wednesday, Sept. 16, has gained buzz over the weeks.

New features and tweaks incorporated in the operating system were announced by the tech giant, such as content blocking, split screen view for multitasking, and a more efficient Siri. According to CNET, iOS 9 will showcase "Apple's vision of a mobile computing experience."

Apple's iOS 9 comes with a stronger security feature, allowing users to use 6-digit code passwords instead of the 4-digit code of its predecessors, The Next Digit noted. Other features included in the OS are Wi-Fi calling option, a new CarPlay interface, keyboard tweaks, a brand-new set of wallpapers, and the Handoff and Suggested Apps.

In addition, Apple boasts that their new operating system will provide a longer battery life for users' devices. Ambient light and proximity sensors can make devices know when they're facedown and are not being used. Also, this feature prevents the screen from turning on even though the smartphone receives notifications.

Apple's page for iOS 9 indicates that the operating system will run on iPhones, iPads, and in the iPod touch and is 1.3GB in size, a far cry from iOS 8's 4.58GB. The updated SDK change log of iOS 9 released earlier in August can be found here.

Those preparing to upgrade their Apple devices to iOS 9 should uninstall any apps that they don't use regularly. This way, your device will be freed from unnecessary clutter. It is also important that users backup their files before updating to the latest operating system, CNET wrote. File backups can be done through iTunes or iCloud.

"With any new software launch, there's always a chance complications will surface. If you're not the type who wants to spend time troubleshooting issues, it's best to wait a few days after release to update. You're really not going to miss out on anything," CNET further wrote.

News App in IOS 9 Gets Backlash

Advertisers reportedly disapprove of Apple's restrictions placed on their iOS 9's News app.

A senior news executive told the New York Post that Apple is providing great strategies for advertisements to be distributed, but the tech company refuses to give plenty of ways to "monetize it."

The issue prompted Apple CEO Tim Cook to remove some hard controls enforced on Apple News and its user experience. Sources said that the app now allows publishers to "embed articles with links back to their own Web sites," the New York Post wrote.

Ad execs also protested of Apple's 48-hour notice for campaigns to be approved, and that real-time bidding for placements aren't part of the launch yet, the news outlet added.

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