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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Beats Andre Berto: What's Next For 'The Money'?

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. remains undefeated after he beat Andre Berto on Saturday at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, giving him a perfect record of 49-0.

"The Money" has earlier expressed that this will be his last match and that he will be retiring after tying the record set by former heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano.

Telegraph said that the American fighter said it is time for him to rest after 19 years of fighting.

"It's my time to hang 'em up. I've been in the sport for 19 years. I've made great investments and I'm financially stable. Records are made to be broken. Maybe we can find another Floyd Mayweather. Now I want to a spend time with my family. I am leaving the sport with all my faculties. I'm still smart, I'm still sharp. I've accomplished everything," Mayweather was quoted by Telegraph as saying.

Meanwhile, ABC said that with his recent win Mayweather already "cemented his place among the pantheon of boxing greats"

During his 12 rounds of boxing against Berto, it was noted that it was easy for Mayweather outclassing his younger opponent.

It was observed that "Pretty Boy" was the dominant fighter during the match throwing jabs and combinations against Berto.

Though people expected that Mayweather would certainly win since he picked a less powerful fighter, the boxer said that Berto was a great opponent for him.

"Andre Berto has heart, a tremendous chin, he wouldn't lay down. It was a good fight. I knew he would be a tough competitor. Experience played a major role tonight. He is a very athletic boxer. What can I say? I was the better man tonight," Mayweather told ABC.

He also clarified that he will not anymore fight one more fight despite prodding from fans.

"My career is over. It's official. There's nothing left to prove in the sport of boxing," he added.

Despite making a world record with no losses for his 49 fights, New York Post noted that it is still debatable if Mayweather can really be called "The Best Ever."

"His legacy will be debated by those who believe his 49-0 record with 26 knockouts qualifies him as 'The Best Ever' and those who believe that he hand-picked his opponents at their weakest and was boring to watch," the same report added.

A boxing insider even told the New York Post that Mayweather was successful in establishing an image for himself.

"He's a unique personality. He wanted a certain image and he created it," the insider noted.

The so-called retirement for Mayweather, as sports analysts see it, is already questionable since in 2007 he already said that he will retire from boxing but returned after 21 months.

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