Updated 09:29 PM EST, Fri, Dec 04, 2020

iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung, Motorola & Sony Phablets: How New Apple Device Compares to Android Rivals

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On Wednesday, Apple unveiled a new set of devices to the public including the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus.

FastCompany took note that the larger phablet is now equipped with a 3D Touch display.

"The 3D Touch display works by using new pressure-sensitive sensors built into the display, combined with the Haptic engine, to provide physical, tactile feedback. This allows users to 'peek' into a content inside of apps," explained the same report.

In a more detailed example, it noted that when a link is sent to you through messages, a force touch on that link will give you a preview of the web page sent.

This is just one of the many highlights of the newest device from Apple as it also includes a 12-megapixel camera with better autofocus and 4K video capability, added USA Today.

In addition, FastCompany said that it is also worth mentioning that the 6S Plus also comes with "upgraded specifications."

The handset reportedly comes with an A9 64-bit chip which has 70 percent faster processing power and 90 percent faster in terms of graphics handling.

In terms of durability, Forbes said users will no longer worry that the "Bendgate" issue will again occur.

It noted that Apple made sure that the new iPhones were made from "Series 7000 aluminium which is twice as strong" as the material for the earlier releases.

Forbes added that this will enable the phones to resist bending caused by any amount of pressure, even when the devices are placed at back pockets.

But with all the mentioned specifications, how does the iPhone 6S Plus fair when compared to its Android Rivals?

CNet explained that there are a lot of smartphones in the market which have a 5.5-inch display including the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and Motorola Moto X Pure Edition.

And when their specifications were all compared, the same report tallied that the iPhone 6S Plus was not far from these Android devices. It was even inferior in some areas.

"Based on specs alone, the iPhone doesn't have the sharpest resolution, the highest capacity battery or the most amount of RAM," concluded CNet.

But it claimed that users may still prefer the iPhone over these devices since they are familiar with the iOS and the features of the Apple phone.

Meanwhile, Washington Post observed that there was no big difference from the previous iPhone 6 Plus, but it claimed that the "snappiness" of the phone was impressing.

"Snappiness, of course, is not a technical metric. But the phones just seemed smoother and faster than their predecessors," the same report added.

For all those who want to grab the latest iPhone model, pre-order will begin on Sept 12 and models are expected to be shipped Sept 25.

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