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'Jane the Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez Leads Glamour's October 2015 Issue as TV Game-Changer

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Gina Rodriguez is one of the three actresses featured on the cover of Glamour magazine's October 2015 issue.

The "Jane the Virgin" star joins "Empire" actress Taraji P. Henson and "Scream Queens" lead Emma Roberts as Glamour's cover girls. The magazine's upcoming issue, which his newsstands on Sept. 15, is dedicated to strong women who are changing the game on TV, NBC News reported.

Rodriguez won a Golden Globe award in the best actress in a TV comedy series category for her work on "Jane the Virgin," marking the series as her biggest break. Chatting with Glamour, the 31-year-old actress said that the CW show has significantly contributed on breaking stereotypes in Hollywood.

"People say this is a Latino show. But this is just a show that happens to have people with ancestors who come from other countries. None of us wants to be defined anymore. We're human, dude. I feel like I was meant to do something-and nothing about me, genetically, is gonna stop me from doing that. Jane feels the same way," Rodriguez told the magazine.

The TV star said that playing Jane, who is a role model, has taught her a lot of things about her career.

"She's taught me that you can be many different things at once. Yeah, she doesn't have sex, but she's not uncool. She ain't two pounds, but she's sexy. And playing a character who realizes she has no control over her future helped me understand my journey," she explained to Glamour magazine.

Rodriguez admits that the success of "Jane the Virgin" keeps her wanting to strive more. The show's second season is set to premiere on Monday, Oct. 12.

"Going after your dream takes forever. But you realize that all the roughness, the struggles, the obstacles-they don't mean jack when it happens. When I see the billboards for the show now, I feel like they're saying to me, 'Don't stop. Keep going,'" the Puerto Rican star explained to Glamour.

A recent study conducted by the University of Southern California showed that only about 30.2% of speaking characters in the 700 highest grossing films from 2007 to 2014 were women, NBC reported. 2014's 100 top movies only featured 4.9% Latina women and 5.3 black women, in contrast with the 73.1 percentage of white women showcased in the films.

Women had more major roles in television than their movie counterparts. A study by the Center for Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University stated that 42% of major characters in TV from 2013-2014 are women. However, these TV roles are more inclined to be given to white women.

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