Updated 11:33 AM EST, Wed, Jan 19, 2022

Android M 6.0 'Marshmallow' Preview & Release Date Details: The Latest All-New Features in OS Upgrade

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Google's new operating system, the Android Marshmallow 6.0, will be unveiled in this year's Q3. The OS is expected to carry new features intended to improve user experience and functionality.

Compiled below are the most notable features of Android M 6.0.

Chrome Custom Tabs

In Google's current OS, the Android Lollipop, clicking on a link within an application opens the Chrome browser. This is not the case for the Android M, which will make Chrome function along with the app. So if you click a link within an app, it will not launch Chrome separately but will instead display a Web view within the app, The REM wrote.

App Permissions

In the Android M, users have the ability to deny permission to apps trying to obtain personal information. However, it should be noted that if you do not grant permission, some of the certain parts of the app might not work normally, The REM reported.

Users can also allow access during the app's installation process and then disable it later, the news outlet noted.

Emergency Service

Google's new OS also has a newly enabled feature that shows an overview of Google Maps whenever users call 911 or the emergency number of their residence.

In this feature, the emergency service and Google Maps work by displaying "the emergency service center they're connected with during a call," with the current location and information of the caller also shown on the map "so they can more easily give those specific details to the emergency dispatch person on the line with them," Android Headlines wrote. This way, help can be dispatched quicker to those in dire need of it.

Android Headlines added that Google has plans to integrate the feature not just in the U.S., but in international countries as well.

Android Pay

According to The REM, select smartphones that have Near Field Communication (NFC) in them will be equipped with Android Pay, which 70,000 stores in the U.S. currently support. With Android Pay, users can now incorporate their credit and debit cards with their handsets to create a virtual account number, put it near a contactless terminal, and pay for their purchase, Android's official site wrote.

The fingerprint scanning feature will also be synchronized with Apple Pay, making the latter more secure, The REM noted.

Battery Manager

Android M's battery manager feature will activate the Doze app when your phone runs out of juice.

Doze will automatically cut off some of the device's processes when the smartphone is in idle mode, effectively minimizing consumption. The handset will snap out of its Doze state once a priority notification or alarm goes off, The REM noted.

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