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Donald Trump Meets Javier Palomarez; 'Private' Version of Candidate Dubbed 'Very Hospitable'

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Donald Trump's offensive remarks against Mexican immigrants drew the ire of the Latino community ever since he declared his presidential candidacy. In an attempt to earn the Hispanic vote, the Republican presidential candidate met with the CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a meeting that had surprisingly good results.

The private meeting lasted for more than an hour at Trump's Manhattan offices on Tuesday morning, NBC News reported. CEO Javier Palomarez said that the presidential hopeful's political adviser Michael Cohen and spokeswoman Hope Hicks have been requesting the meeting for about three weeks.

According to Palomarez, Trump was different in private than he is in public, describing the business magnate as "hospitable," "gracious," "elegant," and listened more than he talked, Fox News Latino reported.

"What I found in the private dialogue ... was a very different Donald Trump than the one I've seen in the media," Palomarez told Politico. The two discussed a variety of issues such as American competitiveness, immigration, and the economy.

However, Palomarez insisted to Fox News Latino that their organization is still against Trump's remarks, and his statement about their private meeting is not an endorsement of the real estate mogul.

"I did remind him that anybody, Republican or Democrat, male or female, looking to move into the White House will have to garner the support of the Hispanic vote," Palomarez told the news outlet.

The USHCC represents 3.2 million Hispanic business owners and has 200 local chapters, Politico noted. The private meeting resulted to the chamber agreeing to do a public Q&A session with Trump on Oct. 8, an opportunity offered to all presidential candidates. So far, Sens. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders and former Gov. Martin O'Malley held public events hosted by USHCC.

"Agree with him or not, whether or not we are in support of him. We still don't see eye to eye with him, but that's beside the point. Our job is to remain non partisan, to give candidates the forum so they can talk in greater detail about their policies," Palomarez explained to NBC News.

He continued, "I believe our constituency of 3.2 million job creators deserves to hear directly from anybody looking to move into the White House."

Trump also told Palomarez that his stance on the Latino community had been "mischaracterized by the media," Fox News Latino noted. He also told the CEO that he thinks highly of Latino business leaders and had plenty of Hispanic friends. In addition, Trump insisted that he employs tens of thousands of Hispanics in his campaign.

The USHCC is a non-profit organization and can't endorse political sides, but the chamber has been in support of immigration reform's many facets, NBC News wrote.

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