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Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date & Price: Top 10 Specs & Features to Watch Out For [Rumors]

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After a new batch of Samsung phones were introduced to the market this month, industry watchers can't stop wondering what is next for the upcoming Samsung phones.

But what can we really expect from Samsung Galaxy S7?

1. Coming in two variants

TechTimes reported that the device, which has an internal code name, "Jungfrau," will have two versions. One is believed to run on Snapdragon 820 processor chipset while the other, on Exynos M1.

Samsung mobile head JK Shin earlier revealed during the Galaxy S6 launch last April that this is not the company's first time "to rekindle its relationship with Qualcomm."

"We have to use the best engines to make our products competitive, which is why we opted our own chips. But we may very well end up using products from Qualcomm again in the next Galaxy phone," added Shin, as quoted by TechTimes.

2. Better display and network

The Galaxy S7 will also reportedly come with a 5.5-inch 4K Super AMOLED display. In addition, the high-end device is allegedly equipped with 5G network support for faster browsing and better performance, a separate TechTimes report said.

3. More storage and better camera

The Galaxy S7 is touted to sport a 4 GB of RAM. For storage, the device could come with 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB variants. Its camera is rumored at 30 MP by the rear and 10 MP in front.

"It will also have a new camera feature dubbed 'gigapixel' that will allow the user to capture images with more accuracy and clarity," TechTimes cited.

4. Infrared sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is also believed to feature an "infrared sensor" that can accurately measure human body temperature.

5. Design

According to ExpertReviews, the upcoming S7 may have the same design as the Samsung Galaxy S6 but some fans are wondering if it will come with a flat or curved design.

6. Battery

As for its battery, it is expected that the phone will have a 2,550mAh battery.

"Given the design, it's unlikely that we'll see a return to replaceable batteries with these handsets. Expect the S7 to be chargeable by wireless and USB, with Samsung likely to have boosted its fast-charging technology further," wrote ExpertReviews.

7. Android Marshmallow

After the announcement of Android Marshmallow, people are now expecting that the upcoming Samsung phone will also run on the new operating system.

8. USB-C

ExpertReviews also reported that a USB-C port will be featured in the new handset.

9. Price

The device is expected to have different price ranges than its predecessor. The 32 GB variant is projected to cost around $999.

10. Release date

According to ExpertReviews, the Samsung Galaxy S7 could be released on the market around April 2016.

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