Updated 05:09 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 27, 2021

Salma Hayek Files Restraining Order Against 'Mentally-Disturbed' Fans

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Salma Hayek has filed a restraining order against two women threatening to kidnap the actress 7-year-old daughter, Valentina.

The lead star of "The Prophet" claims that two "mentally disturbed" fans have threatened to hold the actress' daughter for ransom, TMZ reported. Hayek added that the women's M.O. was to "insert themselves in her life with the goal of getting close to her," the news outlet wrote.

The women, named Liana Philippon, 25, and Odette Bodagh, 35, have also pretended to be Hayek, Daily Mail wrote.

According to the movie star, an email from one of the women reads, as quoted by TMZ: "I know where her daughter will be. How much is her life worth?" The email was presented to a judge during an emergency court hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, Daily Mail noted.

The temporary restraining order indicates that the two women should stay 100 yards away from Hayek, her daughter, and her French billionaire husband, François-Henri Pinault, TMZ added. The order also prohibits the women from communicating with the family in any way. Hayek, 48, has a court date in September for the order's permanency.

"This case arose out of a bizarre pattern of behavior by two apparently mentally disturbed individuals," Hayek's lawyers said, as quoted by Daily Mail. "Their actions include concocting ruses to meet Hayek's family members to obtain Hayek's contact information, impersonating Hayek to another celebrity, attempting to directly contact Hayek herself and impersonating Hayek in contacting Hayek's minor child."

The Mexican actress married Pinault, 53, in 2009, Daily Mail noted. The businessman is reportedly worth £10 billion and is the head of Kering, the fashion company behind top luxury brands such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Brioni.

Salma Hayek Reveals Unusual Palate

Last week, Hayek appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" alongside Craig Robinson and proved to the public that she is down for eating exotic food.

In the game "Will Salma Eat It?" host Andy Cohen dared the "Everly" star to eat unusual dishes consisting of deep-fried frog, stir-fried silk worms, gefilte fish, and spray cheese, E! News listed. The actress gamely consumed the delicacies offered to her, and although she hesitated to eat the fish, Hayek still tried the food in the end.

Despite her unusual palate, Hayek revealed that she has one item she can never put in her mouth: onions, E! News added.

In April, Hayek shared a video of herself on Instagram devouring a huge dead cricket for all her some 321,000 followers to see. The video post was followed by a close-up snapshot of the actress' meal, where the dead insects' bulging eyes were shown in full view.

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