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'Jane the Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez to Co-Host Teen Choice Awards: 'Let's Hope I Don't Trip'

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Fox's Sunday broadcast of this year's Teen Choice Awards will feature Gina Rodriguez in her first hosting gig alongside Ludacris and Josh Peck.

The "Jane the Virgin" star is mum about what viewers can expect from the event, but she hopes that she would not mess up. The TV star joked that she is thinking of seeking advice from Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted the 2014 Academy Awards.

"Let's hope I don't trip. That's always my fear," Rodriguez told Fox News Latino. "I really hope I don't drop on my a**."

The upcoming telecast was described by the actress as "fun" and "exciting," the news outlet added. The 2015 TCAs showcases Latino nominees in its roster of best musicians, actors, and celebrities, including Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Pitbull, and Fifth Harmony. Rodriguez and her "Jane the Virgin" co-star, Jaime Camil, are also nominated.

Gina Rodriguez Talks Racism Among Latinos

Rodriguez was shocked last week for the hatred she got from her fellow Latinos when she shared her People en Español cover on Instagram. Though plenty from her some 334,000 followers have complimented the actress' magazine cover, the photo was flooded with negative comments, which are mainly directed at her appearance and Spanish speaking skills.

"I think that's it's always been a stereotypical topic for a very long time, like Mexicans don't like Puerto Ricans and Dominicans don't get along with whoever," the Golden Globe winner told NY Daily News. "I think it's always been kind of like that light, 'Oh, yeah, they don't get along,' But what I realized when that went down was how serious it is, how racism among Latinas is actually true. It's very alive, very present, and very sad. It saddens me."

Rodriguez, whose parents are Puerto Rican, said that it's important for Latinos to be unified against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who labeled Mexicans as rapists, drug dealers, and criminals.

"I had never seen it so harshly portrayed and so vocally out there and people having such very solid opinions that were, to me, very sad, not inclusive, very exclusive, not integrated, very segregated," she explained to NY Daily news. "And the problem with that is that when we have someone like Donald Trump, who makes comments that are very generalized -- well if we have no unity, then we have no power, and that's really dangerous."

Rodriguez, 31, also shared another snapshot from her magazine shoot in response to the haters. She said that people enjoy projecting insecurities and hatred on others and bringing them down instead of raising them up, and this is not the kind of society that she wants to be a part of.

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