Updated 08:40 AM EST, Wed, Mar 03, 2021

Johnny Manziel News: No More Money Sign, Clenches Fist on Thursday Match

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Indeed, there will be no more money sign from Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel this time.

Manziel seemed to have lived up to his word that he would totally ditch the trademark sign as per ESPN. He scored a touchdown during his team's preseason opener on Thursday versus the Washington Redskins.

ESPN detailed that instead of making his celebratory "money sign," Manziel clenched his fist then greeted his teammates.

Earlier, the quarterback promised that when he returns from a 10-week rehabilitation session, his patented signal as a rookie will be completely out of his system.

A "man of his word" was how he was called in a Washington Post report, after making changes in his life in rehab following voluntary submission due to alcohol abuse.

The same report clarified that it was not actually the money sign which made things worse for Manziel, but rather his "holdover gesture from his days at Texas A&M certainly represented a party lifestyle that badly affected his play on the NFL field as a rookie last year."

In five games last season, the quarterback reportedly failed to throw a touchdown pass.

A similar CBS Sports report mentioned that the disappearance of the money sign could be Manziel's effort in trying to prove that he has matured.

"Manziel has looked more in control than at any time last year. He looks like he's not swimming in the deep end while tied to a concrete block. So that's something," CBS Sports analyzed the quarterback's performance.

NFL.com had to agree with Manziel's improvement on the field noting that he made better decisions though it observed that "he still looks like a player in need of more reps and more experience on the field."

Just on the second year of his career, Manziel was already able to show that he can spark the offense for the Browns with the help of his teammates.

It was noted in the NFL.com report that Manziel's first toss was stopped by Redskins' Trent Murphy while his second went about 4 yards until it got to Terrance West.

"Manziel got new life, though, after the Browns recovered a muffed punt return by the 'Skins, handing Cleveland the ball back on the Washington 36," added the same report.

Will we continue seeing great improvement from the quarterback? Well, fans may best keep the hopes up.

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