Updated 04:08 AM EDT, Sun, Jun 24, 2018

Rafael Nadal Update: Rafa Becoming Major Threat To Roger Federer's Tennis Throne

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Roger Federer believes he can win his 18th Grand Slam title and fend off the threat of reigning world's No.1 tennis player Rafael Nadal, who already captured 13 major crowns around his belt.

The 32-year-old Federer has not given up yet on his dream of adding another Grand Slam trophy despite a miserable outing in 2013 season of the ATP Tours. For the first time since the early days of tennis, the Swiss Master only captured one title the entire year and failed to book a place in the quarterfinals of the Wimbledon and U.S. Open Championships.

Despite these shortcomings, Federer has remained optimistic about his chances next year with all four Grand Slam titles up for grabs. The former world's No.1 is scheduled to begin his 2014 season at the Brisbane International before plunging to action at the 2014 Australian Open in Melbourne this January.

In the latest article by ESPN Tennis writer Peter Bodo, he tackled the reason why Federer's achievement as the only player to win 17 Grand Slam champion now lacking the prestige and luster.

He believed Nadal's emergence as a threat to Federer's 'Greatest Ever Throne' along with Serena Williams to become the fourth woman to win at least 18 majors crown made the Swiss Master's feat not anymore the ultimate standard in tennis.

Here's an excerpt from Bodo's article:

"Seventeen. It was an amazing number. It was almost too much. Sixteen was a nice even number, and with it Federer surpassed Sampras by exactly the same number of titles (two) by which his good pal Pistol Pete had eclipsed the previous titleholder, Roy Emerson. But 17? It was preposterous, if not shut-down-the-competition ridiculous. But now it almost appears to be lacking a little something."

"One reason for that is the way Rafael Nadal has closed the gap on Federer. Nadal has 13 majors at age 27, which has put him within striking distance of No. 17 -- especially when you consider his prowess as the widely acknowledge "King of Clay." Cheesy as the encomium sounds, it's dead-solid accurate."

"Another reason 17 isn't such an intimidating number is because Serena Williams has won that many majors, as well. One of the more interesting storylines in tennis this year will be the race between Federer and Williams to bag No. 18."

Nadal Quest To Beat Federer as Greatest Ever

The Mallorcan tennis star is aiming to become a major force in tennis next year, especially after pulling off the comeback of the century. Nadal, who captured 10 titles and two Grand Slam championships last year after a seven-month layoff due to knee problems, will have to set the bar higher as he attempts to dethrone Federer as the King of Kings in tennis.

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