Updated 01:24 AM EDT, Fri, Sep 25, 2020

iPad Mini 4 Release Date & Price Rumors: iOS 9, A9 Processor, RAM Upgrade & More Specs to Expect

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The highly-anticipated iPad Mini 4 is said to be one of the best offerings of Apple this year aside from the iPhones set to be revealed before the year ends.

TheBitBag noted that when it becomes available in the market, the successor of the iPad Mini 3 will be a lot better since the current release only added limited features like the Touch ID.

According to IBN Live, the soon-to-be announced instalment of the iPad Mini may come with "a 7.9-inch Retina display with anti-reflective display coating" which will surely amuse users with its better color and contract.

The device will also reportedly be powered by A9 processor that will also come with other Apple gadgets.

It was also mentioned in TheBitBag report that the Mini 4 is believed to have a 6.1 mm body and an 8 megapixel rear camera.

In addition, MacRumors noted that the tablet will have a 2GB RAM, an iOS9 and supports a multitasking split screen feature.

IBN Live added that compared to the iPad Mini 3, the upcoming device "will both be thin and light" despite it sticking with the basic features of the series like LTE support, Touch ID and internal storage ranging from 16GB to 128GB.

All these promised features are expected to make the iPad Mini 4 a much-awaited device for Apple fans and users already anticipating its arrival.

Expected to be released later this year along with the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro, the iPad Mini 4 is believe to outclass the performance of the Mini 3 especially with the addition of the iOS 9.

When it becomes available in the market, the Mini 4 is expected to have a price tag between $400 and $600, still a hefty sum of money which Apple should use as a motivation to do better with their latest offering.

Aside from the packed features that this tablet has, TechRadar said they expect more changes to happen with the iPad Mini 4.

The site said a faster processor is needed for the iPad Mini 4 to showcase an obvious improvement on its performance. Its market value is also expected to be lower since the Mini 3 failed to live up to its expectations.

"It's especially hard to justify given how underpowered it is, but even with a specs boost we'd like to see a slightly lower price, otherwise unless you particularly want a smaller tablet it would make more sense just to pay a little extra and get a full size iPad Air," TechRadar wrote.

People are expected to greatly anticipate this device within the last quarter of the year because of the features and developments it's reportedly promising.

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